Aromatherapy: how it was born and what it is

Aromatherapy is a practice that, is based  on the use and possible applications of essential oils . Many naturopaths turn to the (strictly cold) extracts of plants in search of analgesic, anti-bacterial and natural anti-inflammatory drugs to find relief from the small problems of physical and mental health. While not a valid substitute for medicine, aromatherapy is able to integrate and harmonize perfectly with everyone’s life, and improve the mood and quality of life of those who use it. The scent of a clean room, a bouquet of fresh flowers or a cake in the oven recall pleasant memories and positive thoughts in our mind that help us reduce stress and daily anxieties.

Among the many benefits of aromatherapy, we recall:

  • Improved mood and optimism;
  • Anxiety and stress reduction ;
  • Improvement of sleep quality and quantity;
  • Reduction of muscle pains;
  • Reduction of menstrual pain;
  • Improved digestive function;
  • Support against the problems of menopause;

Each plant releases its characteristic aroma and is traditionally associated with specific benefits that support us every day. The right plant, used at the right time, can really help us feel good.


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