Phytotherapy is a therapeutic practice as old as the world, used by all populations and cultures since prehistoric times. It involves the use of plants or plant extracts for the treatment and prevention of diseases and for the maintenance of wellness in a gentle way and without overloading the body.

The herbs, in fact, are a valuable aid in improving the basic soil , as well as in the purification of the organism, especially in particular periods such as, for example, those related to the change of season.

Be careful , however, this does not mean that the herbs, in all their forms, can be used lightly, because “at most they do nothing”; in the same way as a drug, an herb, if used incorrectly and not consciously, can turn into a poison and be harmful to the body , especially if some specific types of allopathic drugs are taken at the same time.

There are different ways to use medicinal plants: the choice between the various preparations is made according to the action to be obtained, because the same plant, in different preparation, can have different effects, as well as depending on the person ha before.

When they are used, what they are for

They are always used, both in the presence of symptoms and as a preventive measure , for example to strengthen the immune system or to prepare for a “difficult” period. You can take them to better enjoy a certain season of the year or life by minimizing negative symptoms. They are taken to rebalance an imbalance that has led to painful symptoms. They are advised to teach the person to “take care of themselves”, perhaps learning to dedicate themselves 10 minutes a day to prepare an herbal tea.


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