Trace elements are chemical elements present in living organisms in traces capable of exerting a catalytic function allowing the accomplishment of reactions and transformations proper to metabolism.

The times compatible with life, in fact, are very rapid, which is why the speed of the biochemical reactions that take place in our cells must be high; this reaction rate is guaranteed by enzymes, real biological catalysts. Without the presence of trace elements, however, these enzymes would remain inactive. This explains why a lack of trace elements risks inducing an enzyme block and, ultimately, a metabolic imbalance with negative effects on a person’s health.

This is why trace elements are used as remedies in the field of functional disorders. Catalysts such as trace elements, in fact, are extremely important in the biochemical reactions that underlie the various physiological functions (digestion, muscle contraction, respiration, etc.), that is in those reactions that take place in our body and regulate the balance of our metabolism .

A correct diet, varied and composed of healthy and vital foods, is normally able to provide the daily requirement of these trace elements . The nutrition and lifestyle we follow, however, are not always correct and risk for this reason not to guarantee us the contribution of these elements in sufficient quantities.

In addition, some moments in a person’s life may require more intake than normal (pregnancy, breastfeeding, seniority, growing adolescents, athletes …), which is why it is useful in these cases to turn to oligotherapy .

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