Aromatherapy Oil Blends

As you may or may not already know, aromatherapy has a variety of purposes in our daily lives.  The use of essential oils in household cleaners, our skin care, hygiene products, for use in a diffuser and in candles can bring about better health and well-being.  It’s amazing (and wonderful) that an individual essential oil can have so many positive side effects, and a blend of these oils packs a power punch that can leave us looking and feeling our best.  Combined with carrier oil (like coconut, jojoba, soybean, or almond) essential oils can be applied to various parts of the body depending on what you’re hoping to achieve.  Ensure that when you’re purchasing essential oils that you’re not actually spending your hard earned cash for fragrance oil, which isn’t the same thing at all.  Essential oils are derived from plants and are100% natural, while fragrance oil can smell divine but is synthetic and won’t carry the same benefits that essential (or volatile) oil does.

SoyLites candles offer a high quality candle with the aroma of essential oils that will fill a room.  Due to the ingredients in our candles, the warm liquid doubles as a moisturizer or delightful massage oil.  Since the candles melt at low temperatures, the oil that liquefies is safe to use and won’t burn your skin.  With vitamin E and lecithin (which are beneficial fatty acids) your skin will be well nourished and hydrated, from your head to the tips of your toes.  The candles emit no toxic fumes and will leave your skin soft, soothed and smelling of your favourite oils.

So which essential oil blends are best?  That’s largely a matter of preference, and also depends on what you’re trying to achieve.  Certain oils lend themselves well to a relaxing atmosphere, while others will energize and wake you up.  No matter which oils you prefer, they will hold many benefits for your body and mind.

Energize is our blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, ginger and geranium.  Geranium is especially good for women; it can help balance hormones especially when it comes to symptoms of menopause, and it will give ageing skin a fresher look and feel.  If you’re feeling low or under the weather, peppermint, eucalyptus and ginger are all wonderful alternatives to over the counter medicines.  They can ease tired and aching muscles (peppermint has a lovely cooling effect when applied to skin), open up sinuses to make you breathe easier, and add some pep in your step.

If you’re looking forward to spring and summer but not the mosquitoes associated with those seasons, Peaceful Summer is a great choice.  With citronella, lemongrass and lavender, you’ll be bite free and enjoying the outdoors in peace.  Lavender also helps to heal wounded or sun burnt skin – it can ease pain and inflammation quickly.  

When you’re ready to relax and ease into an afternoon or evening, Serenity is the perfect option.  With chamomile and lavender you’ll soon be drifting off onto scents that help relax and de stress.  Both of these essential oils are your best bet as part of a relaxing bedtime routine that can help you fall and stay asleep for a better quality rest. 

Entice is your blend if you need to be uplifted with a blend of cinnamon, orange, grapefruit and ginger.  These essential oils can ease anxiety and give you a welcome boost just when you need it.  Cinnamon can help dry out and ease signs of acne while grapfruit essential oil is a great and natural substitute for your toner.

Our Detoxify blend of fennel, juniper and grapefruit helps to improve skin tone (as we said, grapefruit acts to tone and balance appearance of your skin), improve blood circulation and supports detoxification.  Juniper will help remove uric acid from your system while fennel will cleanse skin with its antiseptic properties.

The perfect blend for pregnant mothers and babies, Baby Love is a gentle massage oil candle that’s safe for use even on new babies.  It is unscented and has extra coconut oil to leave skin feeling fresh and baby soft.

Cupid’s Touch: imagine a massage while scents of ylang ylang and rosewood fill the air.  Our most sensual blend will bring clarity of mind, lift your mood, while both of these carefully chosen essential oils are known aphrodisiacs.

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