Apricot and orange smoothie

Apricot and orange smoothie. An easy recipe to prepare and serves to combat fatigue .


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  • 200 gr. of apricots.
  • 200 gr. of oranges.
  • A little crushed ice.

Preparation method

The apricots are washed and cut in two, and the seeds are removed . Then the oranges are peeled and the segments are separated. Pour into blender until liquid . It is kept in the refrigerator until it is taken and then the crushed ice is added .


Ingredients for four people)

  • 800 grams of apricots.
  • 800 grams of oranges.
  • 2 natural yogurts.
  • The juice of four oranges.

Preparation mode

The apricots are washed, cut in two and the stone is removed. The oranges are peeled and the segments are separated. Put the apricots and oranges in the blender and beat. Then the juice of the four oranges is added and everything is passed through the Chinese strainer so that the pulp of the orange does not pass but that of the apricot. Mix with the two natural yogurts and beat until they form a homogeneous cream. It is kept in the fridge or refrigerator and when serving, the mixture is beaten again and served on tube glasses with straws and a piece of chopped fruit to decorate on top.

Diet comment

Apricots and oranges are the basic ingredients of this recipe, in addition to yogurt. The fruits contribute their sweetness, based on their content of simple sugars, so it is not necessary to sweeten it. In addition, they are rich in vitamins such as beta-carotene or pro- vitamin A , folates, vitamin C and minerals such as potassium , organic acids (citric acid, among others, which enhances the action of vitamins C) and fiber, which improves intestinal transit.

Beta-carotene and vitamin C are two substances with a powerful antioxidant action. Yogurt is a dairy derivative rich in protein , calcium , B vitamins, fat soluble A and D and calcium, and its fat content is low. It also contains lactobacilli, beneficial bacteria also present in our intestinal flora. Yogurt and other fermented milks are known to help balance the flora in our intestines and enhance our defense system.


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