Strawberry milkshake

Strawberry milkshake. Refreshing drink made with whole milk, strawberry and sugar


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Strawberries as everyone already knows are antioxidants, rich in fiber, in a cup of strawberries we only have 43 calories, which is ideal. They are rich in vitamin B, niacin, riboflavin, folic acid and have a significant amount of vitamin C. Rich in manganese, potassium and vitamin K that helps our bone system. Eating strawberries helps us lose appetite, promotes blood circulation and are a natural inflammatory, as you can see, they are all very healthy benefits for our body. They are all advantages, taking strawberries in any way gives us a lot of super healthy benefits for our body, I encourage you to try this delicious strawberry smoothie.


500 gr of strawberries

300 ml of whole milk

5 c / s sugar

How to do

First of all we have to clean the strawberries from the tail that they have and the leaves that they have on the top of the fruit, when we have them already clean we will wash them under the water tap and let them drain in a drainer.

In a bowl, we will chop them into pieces of the same size and let them marinate with the sugar for an hour so that the strawberries absorb the sugar and create a very rich juice.

We will beat them with the glass mixer or with the electric mixer, we will add the strawberries together with the milk and beat until everything is homogeneous, we will test if it is well of sugar to our liking and we can add more.

Strain the smoothie before consuming it, you can have traces of the strawberries that you do not like, I like it because it provides fiber but it is a matter of taste, it is finer if we pass it through the strainer.

We will let cool in the refrigerator and consume when we want.

We can add much more fruit to our strawberry smoothie, the banana, the kiwi are two pieces of fruit that go well with this smoothie.

You can serve our smoothie accompanied by montanda cream or cream ice cream with chocolate syrup, all this is a matter of taste and trying.


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