What Is Applied Psychology Definition With Great Examples And Career

Applied psychology is a fundamental psychological study that deals with how people experience their surroundings and how they behave. The entire human being, his environment, his life environment and certain life situations are analyzed.It is generally believed that psychology is just the discipline that deals with treating mental discomfort, but that is not the case. Psychology works to improve the quality of human life in many and many fields.

Disciplines of applied psychology.

Most of them have considerable knowledge gained from the concepts, methods and results of the basic disciplines and from the results of applied research. Of course, the applied researcher uses the basic categories of psychology, such as perception , judging , thinking  and emotion.

Study Fields of Applied Psychology

The study program “Applied Psychology” initially comprises an  extensive basic knowledge in various psychological areas  such as:

  • General Psychology
  • social Psychology
  • developmental Psychology
  • Differential Psychology
  • Biological Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Business Psychology

In addition,  diagnostic procedures and instruments  as well as the underlying test theory play an important role. The students learn the foundations of scientific work. Most of the courses offered offer students the opportunity to specialize in one or more areas. Typical  deepening offers  are for example:

  • Health Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Intercultural psychology in politics and business
  • Managed care, e-health and care management
  • Market, advertising and media psychology
  • Personal psychology
  • Organizational psychology and counseling

In particular, private universities also offer the opportunity to  further individualize the study of applied psychology by means of  elective courses and optional modules such as foreign languages, information and communication technology or health economics. In addition, it is often possible   to spend part of the study abroad , for example, during an international semester

Would you like to know why people react as they react? Would you like to know more about the behavior of people and would you like to learn how to observe, study, assess and influence people’s behavior? Are you interested in the decision-making process of the individual, individually or as a member of a group? Then the course Applied Psychology is just right for you.

Career Opportunities of Applied Psychology 

Recent studies point to a high demand for psychological and clinical-psychological care in Europe and Germany *, which will intensify enormously as a result of the aging society. Depending on which study focus you have chosen, you have a career in the following areas:

  • Health care and health promotion
  • Company and personnel consultations
  • Market and opinion research institutes
  • Consultations on work safety and work organization
  • advertising agencies
  • Institutions for school and adult education
  • Public hand, for example, B. Federal agency for work


In these sectors, you will be involved in the following fields: health promotion, consulting, rehabilitation, diagnostics and assessment, training and coaching, quality management, selection and development of staff, workplace design, market and media research.

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