The Interpretation of Dreams By Sigmund Frued;With Examples

Interpretation of Dreams By Sigmund Frued and secret of dreams are being discussed in this article.Since the days of Sigmund Freud, there has been a series of theory on the function and mission of dreams. Followed by fascinating scientific discoveries in the field of biology and neurology, which have always left us to hope that we are the secret anymore.

Despite the many advances in modern science, we still know only a description of the stories, not their true nature and meaning. And so today, after more than 100 years, we often  more follow Freud’s theory and psychology of dream interpretation. It is still a matter of resolving the ancient mystery of the dream we are dreaming.

Sensation, Sleep And Dream

Obviously, one has to sleep. But must he also dream? The scientist thus came to the conclusion that long-term dream abstinence can lead to serious personality disorders.The scientist thus came to the conclusion that long-term dream abstinence can lead to serious personality disorders. In similar trials on dogs and cats, sleeping and re-awakening led to death after about fifteen days.

The deepest sense has confused dreams

People have known since ancient times that dreams have a meaning, but Sigmund Freud  begun to  deal with them seriously. Freud considered dreams a royal journey into the unconscious mind. He believed that he was the guardian of our sleep, and that their most important task was to fill an unconscious wish.

However, dreams must work smartly so that our censor does not stand up against them – that is, the conscious control, morality in us.  Since each of us has such wishes for which he would be ashamed or even never admitted, the interpretation is a very complicated matter. That is why the dream often has the deepest meaning where it seems the most confused. Freud assumed that dreams allow us to re-process the conflict material of our lives and decided to use it for therapy.

 Interpretation of Dreams By Sigmund Frued By Real Examples

Freud noticed how dreams emerge suddenly and unexpectedly in the middle of the day.It has revealed that the brain works on the basis of very personal associations.It relates contexts with symbolism and its importance are different to each other. Freud noticed that if the real meaning of a dream can be realized, there will be a very clear sense of satisfaction and the so-called “aha” effect that we commonly know of situations where something important has just happened.

Typical dreams and dreams to continue

The powerful ability of the dream is brilliantly responsive to our daily experiences or to the excitement we immediately see in our sleep.Dreams from a physical sensation – for example, we are cold, we are thirsty, are classical dreams where we can see how the dream protects our sleep. If it is cold, it will show you a warm beach, thirsty fairy stream or an alarming alarm clock bell turns into a siren of a police car that just escapes the villain

Emotion as the key to understanding the dream

The pictures that hunt us under the eyelids are completely out of the ordinary reality. For a dream it is not a problem for the characters to have the abilities that we would normally call supernatural or crazy. But of course you’ve noticed that what you’re experiencing in a dream is very real. Emotions in a dream are a full-fledged experience. We are not afraid  “as if” it is real fear and real joy. For this reason, emotion seems to be the best guide to understanding the meaning of dreams, as they are not subject to distortion and deformation as well as image. Therefore, if emotion does not correspond with the content of the dream, it is probably a deeper meaning.

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