What Is Aphorism Textual Genre

Aphorism (from the Greek αφορισμός – aphorismós ) is a textual genre [ 1 ] or a work of this kind characterized by short phrases that have a definition of a moral [ 2 ] or practical precept .






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The word aphorism was used for the first time in the Aphorisms of Hippocrates [ 3 ] , a long series of propositions dealing with symptoms and diagnoses of diseases and the art of healing and medicine . Later the term started to be applied in conceptual phrases from the medical sciences and then to all types of principles [ 4 ] . Today aphorism is understood as a concise and eloquent way of declaring the truth.


The word aphorism comes from the Greek aphorismós “definition”, from aphorízein “delimiting, separating”, apó – “removed, separated” or “originating, derived from” + horos , “border, limit” and horízein “to limit”, through the Latin aphorismus [ 5 ]


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Life is brief, art is long, the occasion elusive, the experience deceptive, the judgment difficult.

– Hippocrates

Tradition is worshiped by those who do not know how to renew it.

– Carlos Drummond de Andrade

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely

– Baron Acton

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