What Is Adlam Alphabet By Abdoulaye and Ibrahima Barry

The Adlam Alphabet is an alphabet developed in the 1980s by the brothers Abdoulaye and Ibrahima Barry to write the Fula language in the Republic of Guinea . [ 1 ] [ 2 ] . The name “Adlam” is an acronym derived from the first four letters of the alphabet (A, D, L, M), meaning Alkule Dandayɗe Leñol Mulugol “the alphabet that protects people from disappearing”. It was created with the aim of improving the readability of the Fula language , since the Latin and Arabic alphabets did not properly express all its sounds. [ 3 ] It is a functional alphabet with 27 letters. Initially the writing was cursive, but this was changed to improve readability [ 4 ] .

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Capital letters Lowercase Latin Letter Name [ 5 ] IPA
𞤀 𞤢 The alif The
𞤁 𞤣 d dahlia d
𞤂 𞤤 l lam l
𞤃 𞤥 m me m
𞤄 𞤦 B ba B
𞤅 𞤧 s singniyhé s
𞤆 𞤨 P foot P
𞤇 𞤩 ɓ (bh) baby ɓ
𞤈 𞤪 r frog r / ɾ
𞤉 𞤫 and and and
𞤊 𞤬 f fa f
𞤋 𞤭 i i i
𞤌 𞤮 The The The
𞤍 𞤯 ɗ (dh) dha ɗ
𞤎 𞤰 ƴ (yh) yhe ʔʲ
𞤏 𞤱 w wâwou w
𞤐 𞤲 n, any syllable-final nasal noûn n
𞤑 𞤳 k kaf k
𞤒 𞤴 y ya j
𞤓 𞤵 u or u
𞤔 𞤶 j djim
𞤕 𞤷 ç tchi
𞤖 𞤸 H there is H
𞤗 𞤹 ɠ (q) ghaf q
𞤘 𞤺 g ga ɡ
𞤙 𞤻 ñ (ny) gna ɲ
𞤚 𞤼 t I’m t
𞤛 𞤽 ŋ (nh) nha ŋ
𞤜 𞤾 v go v
𞤝 𞤿 x (kh) kha x
𞤞 𞥀 GB gbe ɡb
𞤟 𞥁 z zal z
𞤠 𞥂 kp kpo kp
𞤡 𞥃 sh sha ʃ


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