Antonio Garrigosa Borrel

Antonio Garrigosa Borrel . Creator of commercial businesses in Logroño .


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Biographical synthesis

Familiar scope

He married in Logroño with Doña Eloisa Ceniceros. In the early years of the 20th century , a four-storey house and a lower house were built in the area of ​​maximum expansion of the city, the Espolón, close to the railway station. The project is carried out with the plans and technical direction of the Catalan architect Isidre Gili Moncunill.

Career path

He arrived in Logroño , from Martorell, his hometown, at the time of the expansion of the Catalan drapery in Spain , and in this case in La Rioja . He established himself in the city and opened his first store in 1883 on the ground floor of the building on Calle de Sagasta nº 6. Subsequently, he progressively increased his business to become the model for the commercial services sector in Logroño .

The 4 as April as 1902 is granted permission by the City. The building is of Neoplateresque influences and the ceramic decorations of the viewpoints and the sgraffitoes of the facade stand out. The space is occupied at the same time as commercial services on the ground floor and as the main one for D. Antonio and his family; and the rest for rent and employees.

The house has undergone numerous changes over time in its bottom and first floor. In 1910 Garrigosa had four shops in Logroño, the basement of the family home, on Calle de la Audiencia, 3, La Gran ciudad de Londres (Mercado, 28), and Garrigosa y Suils (Sagasta, 13), another in Pamplona and one more in Tarazona (Zaragoza).

Antonio Garrigosa’s participation in the social and cultural life of the city of Logroño was very intense., He took part in the creation, at the beginning of the 20th century , of one of the most representative leisure and culture centers of the population: “El Gran Casino “, which is still active in other venues. He belongs to its first Boards of Directors and was President for years.

His descendants, although in a very different ideological line from the creator of commercial businesses, also became involved in the socio-political context of the capital of La Rioja . Finally, as they arrived, they left.

On the right we present a group of images with different nodelos of the own investor Antonio Garrigosa Borrell and his commercial houses, using flash technology. We have tried to cover different chronological stages in the history of the “House” in the city of Logroño and its promoter


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