Acisclo del Valle

Acisclo del Valle Blanco. Spanish based in Cienfuegos, who began to stand out among the proactive and active youth dedicated to commerce, soon deserving of trust in the important commercial house.


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Biographical synthesis

Born in the village of Arriondas, Parres Council, Principality of Asturias , Spain : the 17 of November of 1865 , she was baptized on November 18 of the same year, in the parish of San Martin de Cuadroveña-Arriondas; son of Ramón Inocencio of the Marine Valle ( 28 of December of 1813 + 18 of maypole in 1882 ) and Maria Amalia Blanco Valdès ( 20 of August of 1840 + 9 of August of 1888 ), paternal grandparents: Ramon Valle and Maria Marinas, maternal grandparents: Antonio Blanco and Bárbara Valdès.

He learned the first letters in his hometown. He emigrated to the island the 24 of November of 1882 , after deceased his father Don Ramón Inocencio who was a notary and mayor of Arriondas, made their entrance through the port of Havana when he was only 17, arriving in Cienfuegos on July 13 from 1883 , accompanied by two of his brothers: Modesto del Valle Blanco and Anastasio del Valle Blanco.


He established his residence in Cienfuegos and here he began to stand out among the proactive and active youth dedicated to trade, soon deserving of trust in the important commercial and banking house of this city that revolved under the name of Castaño, Intriago and Company. and that it was years later that of Nicolás Castaño , deserving of this total trust, to the extreme of being the boss and the only director of imports and sales of provisions that were made by that house.

He was President of the Spanish Colony, of the Cienfuegos Yacht Club at the same time that he shared the second condition in the Hunters ‘Club, the Asturian and the Explorers’ Club. He was also the chief executive of Compañía Industrial SA and of Mieles y Combustibles de Cienfuegos. Vice President of the Rotary Club, member of the Chamber of Commerce and of the Insurance and Surety Company, as well as a director of the Center for Urban Owners.

His extraordinary performance in those and in all the corporations and societies to which he belonged and to which he gave his personal and economic competition with the greatest enthusiasm and the most sincere spontaneity, earned him the highest praise and were the legitimate cause that gave rise to the general sympathies he enjoyed.

Owner of the Palacio de Valle

Valle Palace

Married 17 of November of 1906 , with Andrea Amparo Teresa Bernarda de la Concepción Suero Rodríguez (1885-1969 (Arriondas , Spain)), a native of Ciego de Avila , daughter of Alejandro Suero Balbin , acquired the land where he began to build the current Palacio de Valle to Celestino Caces and the work is completed. The magnificent mansion he built in Punta Gorda, where he formed his home and where his 8 children were born, a work that will exist through the years to make visible to those who admire that beautiful palace the character and feelings of the generous friend. Cienfuegos, demonstrating without doubt that friendship with facts.


family pantheon: Asturias, Spain. To the left lie the remains of Acisclo del Valle Blanco and Amparo Suero Rodriguez

He died in Cienfuegos at 4:00 pm on the 26 of December of 1919 , at 54 years of age, as a result of angina pectoris. He was buried on 27 of December of 1919 at 8:45 am, Dr. Sotero Ortega , he dismissed the duel in Reina Cemetery . In 1922 his widow would transfer the mortal remains to her native Arriondas, where they would rest in the family pantheon forever.

Monument in his honor

Acisclo Monument of the White Valley

In 1921 , a monument was erected in his honor, which on its pedestal said: To Mr. Don Acisclo del Valle Blanco, Offering of Cienfuegos Industrial SA, to its first President. (The bust is on the stairs of the Palacio del Valle)


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