Every minute that passes, humanity lives the silent horror of a true war that knows no borders, generated by the illegal drug trade, which expands indefinitely as a global threat, affects all corners of the planet and hundreds of millions of habitual consumers , while engendering violence, corruption, social instability, ungovernability, insecurity, deterioration of men’s physical and mental health, money laundering, among other ills.

Illicit trafficking and the misuse of such substances, together with the wide range of crimes and other damages that it causes, erodes the social, economic and political bases of the countries. The United Nations Program for International Drug Control (UNDCP) states that more than 50% of the crimes and violent deaths that occur in the world are caused by drug addictions.

The demand for drugs has caused the world manufacture of cocaine to rise to 900 tons in 2001 , the third part of which is transferred to the United States, while specialized organizations put the annual production of marijuana at around 30 thousand tons, to which it is attributed the proliferation of consumption.

According to UNDCP studies, in the world’s largest illicit drug market, the US , the total economic cost of drug abuse is estimated to be at least $ 70 billion annually. In that country, the cost that society pays for each drug addiction case exceeds $ 28,000 a year.

Its impact on societies where it is already a plague generates billionaires expenses for its confrontation, including addiction treatment and health care programs. Such a financial burden, on the other hand, is impossible for the Third World nations to assume in cases where there really could be a firm position to ward off that scourge. Cuba has demonstrated its unwavering willingness to cooperate in confronting illicit trafficking and drug abuse as it is a global phenomenon that can only be faced with the concert of all nations, as a common and shared responsibility, which demands comprehensive action in conformity with the objectives and principles of the UN Charter and international law.

The firm policy of principles upheld by the Cuban Revolution , systematically misrepresented by the Miami mafia and the US ultra-right, who are trying unsuccessfully to involve us in drug trafficking, pressing for us to appear on the list of the main drug transit countries that each year the White House issues , they make it necessary to redouble efforts And although in our country the phenomenon is not comparable with the rest of the world it does constitute a danger to the social conquests within which EDUCATION is located .

A single case of a child, adolescent or young person with an inclination towards these practices results in prioritized attention for our society. Hence all the work that must be done in and from school with the family, jointly with institutions, agencies and organizations through community preventive work. which imposes the need to increase our preparation to face this work more effectively.

Today in the matter of drugs, we have a lot to learn, but we undoubtedly have in our favor the organizational capacity of our teachers, but the preparation and focus on communication with the students, the family and the community that we are able to achieve, depends on we can face and win this new battle through Anti-Tobacco Education. . The fight against drugs is one of the most complex and widespread problems in the world, more than 170 countries face its consequences and the specialized organs of the United Nations estimate that about 180 million people, 4.2% of the population over 15 years, they consume it.

In the forecasts made by the INTERPOL General Secretariat, the criminal potential of our region was evaluated as growing and it is estimated that drug trafficking will be the main risk in the immediate future, as it is the most profitable business worldwide. In addition, the geographical location of Cuba, the proximity to countries such as Jamaica , Haiti , the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas , frequently used in the transit of drugs to the United States, the main consumer market and the growing openness of our country to the exterior, has caused an inevitable incidence of this phenomenon in the internal environment.

Damage they cause

  • Ø Destroy goals and shorten the lives of consumers.
  • Ø It causes problems with the couple, domestic violence and suffering for family members and friends.
  • Ø It is a cause of time lost in work and / or studies, crimes, violence and accidents by reducing the sharpness and the necessary coordination in activities such as driving cars or causing excessive excitability that leads to negligence.
  • Ø Slows the activity of the brain and nervous system, can cause loss of consciousness or death.
  • Ø Create tolerance and physical dependency.
  • Ø Inhibits control centers and can cause poisoning.
  • Ø Affects behavior by producing: loss of inhibition, self-destructive impulses, bad mood, psychological disorders.
  • Ø Affects the central nervous system by causing: poor vision, loss of memory, coordination and sensations, mental and physical disturbances and brain injuries possibly resulting in psychosis.
  • Ø It injures the organism causing: chemical imbalances, inflammation among other ailments.
  • Ø In the digestive system it causes problems such as cancer of the oral cavity, irritation of the esophagus, stomach injuries, gastritis, ulcers, inflammation of the pancreas, digestive problems and nausea and respiratory problems.
  • Ø It is associated with heart problems: heart disease, irregular heartbeat, risk of coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, angina, heart attack and an enlarged heart.
  • Ø It can lead indirectly to other main disorders such as: malnutrition (it has no nutritional value and deprives the body of some minerals and vitamins and interferes with digestion), cancer, anxiety, tension, gynecological, sexual, mental and emotional problems.
  • Ø Interferes with medical treatments blocking the effect of antibiotics and antiepileptic remedies.
  • Ø In the pregnant woman it happens to the fetus causing: slow growth, low weight of the newborn, abnormalities and behavioral problems of the baby, and more serious known defects that include physical and mental development deficiencies, abnormalities of the eyes, lips, etc.

These effects alone are sufficient cause to carry out intense work to discourage this habit and above all to avoid the motivations that may initiate our children and adolescents in this practice. The rest of the drugs that are legal, also cause serious damage.


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