Anón de Cuabal

Anón de Cuabal . Species of wild fruit tree originating in Cuba and belonging to the family of the anonáceas .


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Scientific name

  • Annona bullata A. Rich. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]


  • Richard, Achille
  • Published in: Natural and Political Physical History of the Island of Cuba, Botany 10: 31. 1845. [6]

Common name

Anón de Cuabal [7] , Laurel de Cuabal [8] .

Origin and distribution

It is native to Cuba and is found in the savannas and quads of Pinar del Río , Sancti Spíritus , Camagüey , Las Tunas and Holguín . At present it does not abound.


Wild tree , with alternate oval leaves, with solitary flowers , with six petals arranged in two orders; ovate-cordiform fruit , which generally ripens in July , somewhat scaly and similar to sugar apple .

At present it does not abound. Its wood is of medium density, ranging between 800 and 899 kg / m 3 .


This species resembles Miller’s Annona cherimola , and obviously belongs to the same section of the genus; It differs in particular by its simply pubescent and non-tomentose leaves on its underside, by the reticulation of the nerves on the underside of the leaves, dug by a multitude of small irregular cavities, protruding on the upper side, by the smaller flowers and less tomentose, terminal and not arranged along the branches. This species bears on the island of Cuba the name of Laurel , due to the smell of its wood, and it is called Cuabal for the stony lands where it grows, called ali Cuabales. The fruit is hard and rough. The leaves are sought after by horses and oxen. [9]


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