10 Best Android Navigators You Must Use

Having an Android smartphone or tablet at your disposal allows you to always download new applications to meet any type of need. Among the most downloaded applications there are also navigators , which allow you to reach your favorite destinations and discover various points of interest with ease, thanks to the Internet connection and GPS.

The default map application on Android is Google Maps, but in reality there are also other very valid ones, of which today I would like to talk to you, together with the aforementioned Maps, to offer you a complete picture of what are the best Android navigators downloadable from the Play Store or from alternative stores, for devices that do not have Google services.

I will then tell you about the most popular and complete Android browsers, listing their noteworthy features in detail. How do you say? Is this exactly what you were looking for? Then take your trusty smartphone or tablet and try with me the applications that I will recommend in the following lines: I’m sure you will find the one that’s right for you. Enjoy your reading and… have a good trip!


  • Best free browsers for Android
    • Google Maps
    • Waze
    • NavMii
    • Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps
    • HERE WeGo
  • Best paid Android browsers
  • Best Android Auto Navigators

Best free browsers for Android

If you want to know which are the best free Android browsers, in the next chapters I will list some that could definitely be for you! Most of them can also be considered the best offline Android navigators , as they are equipped with a special feature for downloading maps.

Obviously I remind you that to use real-time navigation to a place it is necessary to activate the GPS on your device, as I have explained to you in this tutorial . And if your Android smartphone or tablet is also connected to the Internet , some navigation apps offer the possibility of receiving further information on navigation or places nearby. That said, go ahead and read all the tips I’ve written for you in the next chapters!

Google Maps

Google Maps is the application considered by many to be the best ever for navigation, as it is the famous Google maps service. This app is included by default in most Android smartphones and tablets and allows you to view maps with streets around the world using network connectivity and GPS.

Among its most interesting functions, in addition to the interactive display of maps, there are the possibility of obtaining driving directions to reach a specific destination on foot, by car or by public transport, in addition to the functionality that allows you to know information about the premises, restaurants, hotels, shops and discover interesting places that are nearby, using the buttons at the top of the screen.

This section of Google Maps, which serves as a local guide, is certainly well done and is also edited by users through reviews and photos. Each Google Maps user can in fact contribute by uploading images, adding missing details or writing reviews, so as to improve the user experience. Furthermore, thanks to the integration with Google My Business , merchants can add a lot of information about their business and the services offered.

Being the Android browser par excellence, it is a very complete, accurate and reliable application, as well as being completely free . Google Maps also allows you to download maps for offline access, by tapping on the thumbnail at the top and selecting Offline Maps> Select your map .

Another of the noteworthy features of Google Maps is the integration with the Google voice assistant , which I told you about in detail in this guide , so as to use the app via voice commands. In addition, information on the speed limit is also integrated, with real-time vehicle speed control and the location of speed cameras, as well as the ability to report events that occur along the way (for example works or accidents).

Just to give you an example of how to use Google Maps, after starting the app, use the search bar at the top to search for your place. After identifying and selecting it, press the Directions button to view the most suitable navigation path. You can then simply see the required route or follow it in real time thanks to the GPS.

I remind you that the places you will visit and the places you will travel with Google Maps are saved in your browsing history. In case you want to disable this feature or simply remove paths from the history, I recommend reading this tutorial of mine .


Waze is a free browsing app – now owned by Google – quite known for its many social features. Since the inception of the application, Waze has always stood out for being an application based on user feedback. If while traveling you encounter a slowdown, an accident or a speed camera, you can make a report that, in real time, will be visible to all users of the application.

The spirit of Waze has always been the sharing of information and this spirit has done nothing but evolve the app in this sense, through the introduction of new social features. During navigation, for example, just click on the marker icon at the bottom to report a speed camera, an accident, a road interruption or simply a traffic jam.

As a navigation application, Waze offers information on the shortest routes and allows you to monitor traffic in real time. Among the other functions available there is the possibility to report the prices of petrol for refueling. I also want to tell you about the Waze Share Route feature (present in the real-time navigation screen) which allows you to share information about your trip to friends in the application or to anyone who has the link.

Precisely due to the social nature of Waze there is also the possibility of creating an account for this navigation service, thus being able to interact with other users who use Waze as a navigation application.

You can download Waze from the Google Play Store (or from alternative stores ) by pressing the Install button . After launching the app and granting permissions to the device features, use the bar below to search for a place. Then press on the Go button and then on Departure to start navigation. You can stop browsing at any time by pressing the Stop button .

To access the Waze tools, set a default place (home or work), plan a trip or simply register or log in to your Waze account, tap on the My Waze item below. For more information, read my tutorial on how Waze works .


NavMii is undoubtedly one of the best free and offline navigators for Android. Use the maps of OpenStreetMap , a project that relies on the collaboration of users to create maps of the world with a free license to use. The app has advertising banners through which it supports itself, which can be removed with an in-app purchase of 1.74 euros.

To download NavMii on your Android smartphone or tablet, use this link which leads to the Play Store or download it from alternative stores . When you start NavMii for the first time, you are asked to download the maps of the country detected by the GPS or, alternatively, you can download the maps of other areas of the world. All you have to do is press the Install free map button and then press the Download all button .

After the maps have been downloaded, you can use the navigation app. Using the bar at the top, you can search for a place. After identifying it, tap on it and press the car icon at the bottom and then tap the Start button , to follow the indicated path.

As for navigation, Navmii also offers traffic information in real time and allows you to search for points of interest to visit. The visualization of the streets is available in both 3D and 2D mode and to share the route in real time with friends. NavMii is also an excellent Android navigator for those looking for a navigator that also has a basic social component: the app allows you to indicate reports on accidents, map errors, traffic jams, work in progress, speed cameras and much more. .

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps is an advanced app for Android devices that offers TomTom and other partner maps with 3D viewing modes and turn-by-turn voice guidance. Although it is possible to use this navigator for free, through the purchase of a subscription (starting from 13.99 euros / quarter) it is possible to configure the app with Android Auto, have monthly map updates, real-time traffic and much more. other.

To download Sygic, go to the Play Store or download the app from alternative stores . After starting the navigator, you will be prompted to download the maps of the Italian regions (or of the country where you are). After performing this operation, start using the app via the search bar at the top: type the place you want to reach, tap on it and press the Get directions and Start buttons .

While browsing you will be able to view information and warnings on the presence of speed detectors, parking suggestions with information on availability and prices, for example. Sygic also offers the ability to receive safety alerts in the event of hairpin bends, level crossings or roads marked as potentially dangerous.

The application can also be used for navigation on foot, since it offers information on the main tourist attractions. Additionally, through the real-time route sharing system, you can share your planned route, estimated time of arrival and current location on a map.

Sygic is in fact the ideal solution for those looking for a professional application to transform their Android smartphone into a GPS navigator worthy of the name. Some advanced features that I have already mentioned to you above are included only in the paid version of the application, but it is possible to subscribe to a free trial version lasting 7 days. At the end of the trial version, you will need to purchase a license to continue enjoying all the features of the app.


One of the best free navigation applications is undoubtedly HERE WeGo , available for Android smartphones and tablets that stands out for its clear and attractive user interface. You can download this navigation app from the Android Play Store or from alternative stores .

The navigation system of HERE WeGo offers the possibility to search and indicate the route to be followed by car, public transport or even on foot. All you have to do is search for the place you prefer using the Destination field and press the Directions button . After selecting the type of vehicle you want to travel with, press the arrow icon to start navigation.

By swiping from the bottom to the top on the main screen of HERE WeGo, you can download the maps: press the items Download maps> Download new maps and choose the region you want. Therefore, move the lever next to the word Use app offline to ON , to use the maps in offline mode.

Best paid Android browsers

In addition to the free solutions that I recommended to you in the previous chapters, you can also rely on paid Android browsers, if you want to get your hands on your wallet. Below I point out some that may be right for you.

  • TomTom GO Navigation– this is the TomTom app that allows real-time navigation with all the tools available in the classic navigators of this company. Lots of features are available, such as offline maps, speed camera reporting, information on parking and refueling points, points of interest, as well as real-time traffic data. After the 30-day trial period, you can take out subscriptions starting at € 1.99 / month .
  • Coyote– is a navigation app for real-time navigation, viewing of speed cameras and tutors along the route, including those reported by the community, traffic information. It also supports Android Auto and offers various road safety information. Prices start at € 7.99 / month with a 30-day free trial period.

Best Android Auto Navigators

On newer vehicles there is Android Auto . Don’t you know what it is? Do not worry! I’ll explain it to you right away! This is a standard developed by Google that allows Android devices to communicate with the on-board computer of vehicles that support this technology.

The solutions I told you about in the previous chapters allow you to transmit navigation data directly to Android Auto. Some offer this functionality for free, others for a fee. However, you can refer to the information I have already given you in the chapters on free navigation apps or paid ones , to choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you want more information on Android Auto, then I suggest you read some of my tutorials on the subject, such as the one on how Android Auto works and the one on how to install Android Auto .

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