Analysis of Pokémon Let’s Go, a surprise for new and old trainers

Pokémon Let’s Go wants to take over everyone. It doesn’t matter if you arrive new or have been capturing pokémon for about twenty years. Its layered design is designed to catch all types of players, in an absolute fidelity remake of which I can only say one thing: it is a real surprise.

If you consider that Pokémon Let’s Go is a game only for children, you are in for a surprise. After that sweet layer of color, apparent kindness and gestural pokéball throws, I understood as I played that there were the layers of depth of the classics , aimed at the players of always. In its outermost part, it seems like a title aimed at new generations, but as the hours passed, I was able to appreciate the DNA of the first titles, those that were released on the Game Boy about twenty years ago.


It is surprising, because it has been Nintendo itself that has promoted the title in this way, to the point that many believed that the approach did not go with them. My goal is to tell you that keeping that perspective would be wrong. It seems to me, in fact, one of the most respectful video games with the past of the franchise, since we are talking precisely about the remake of the mythical Yellow Pokémon . And not just any remake, but one of the real ones, whose purpose is not only to recreate, but to adapt, and sometimes even to reformulate issues that seemed taboo in the saga.


Without going any further, we may be talking about a video game that will serve as the prelude to some of the most important innovations that we could see in the next Pokémon for Nintendo Switch . The elimination of random encounters, although it has worried the most veteran, is one of the great successes of Pokémon Let’s Go . Improves fluidity and at the same time gives more importance to the capture system, inspired by Pokémon Go . All in an adventure that is not too simple or easy for this reason, but tries to place itself between the usual players and those who are new to the franchise. Several generations of coaches united by a game that goes back to the roots of the series, to the origin of everything, reminding us where that “get hold of them” comes from.

Video Analysis

Video Analysis of Pokémon Let’s Go, it’s more Pokémon than you thought!


An evolution in the Pokémon sagaThe most important thing to understand Pokémon Let’s Go has to do with its most controversial decision at the design level: eliminating battles with wild Pokémon , and therefore random encounters. This has fundamental implications for the classic gameplay of the series… very positive in my opinion. It would have been tedious to return to the infinite battles of Blue, Red or Yellow. It would not make sense. But be careful with this, because there are still so many fights (on routes and gyms) that you are not going to miss them. I can assure you.

The capture system is inspired by Pokémon Go. We must wait for the circle to get small and throw the pokéball. Only then will we get a perfect launch, with a better chance of catching this Zubat.

In any case, the important thing here has to do with the freedom of the user , who has a greater capacity to decide how his path will be. This is because we see pokémon swarming around the stage in real time. The video game gives you the opportunity to decide whether to capture a certain pokémon, or to skip a battle that you think is unnecessary (or several). In the end, you are the one who chooses how to play: focusing more on the captures or the confrontations . It is perfectly possible, since both mechanics reward you with EXP points with which to level up and evolve your pokémon team.


This, although it seems simple, represents a great change for a saga that has remained anchored in the same system for decades. A transformation was required, which comes, by the way, motivated by Pokémon Go. The influence of Niantic’s work is very important, since it includes the capture system (more interactive), and also the possibility of seeing the pokémon on the map . The difficult task of Pokémon Let’s Go is to combine these innovations, and put them in common with the tradition of the saga on consoles, in this case represented by Pokémon Yellow. The result is a richer, more varied, and more satisfying game system, the ultimate goal of which is to satisfy a broad cast of players.

It seems to me one of the most respectful games with the past of the franchiseThe fighting is as you knew it: pure strategy. Fire, water, grass, ice, sinister, ghost, earth type attacks… Everything is here, with the statistics so thoroughly studied that the original pokémon had. Perhaps the difficulty has been adjusted a bit, but I can assure you that if you do not lift enough, you will arrive very tightly at certain gyms . It is not a walk, far from it. It surprised me, because even Junichi Masuda told us that with Pokémon Let’s Go they wanted an easy game to beat . I can see that he is challenging enough to keep you trapped during the 25-30 hours it takes to reach the High Command .

This is a good time to talk about the two-player co – op , because it has also been underrated. A second user can pick up a Joy-Con to join at any time. His role is not minor. Although during the exploration its presence is irrelevant, in the combats it can intervene, controlling one of the pokémon in the group and selecting attacks. You can also support catches, throwing your own pokéball, and even agree with the first player to perform combo throws , which increases the chances of getting a pokémon. After my tests, I conclude that this incorporation makes the game significantly easier, assuming the perfect alternative for those who play with young children.


Speaking of the mechanics of catching, it is not just throwing the pokéball . There are two variants. In handheld mode , the most satisfying and accurate, it’s all about aiming the gyros and launching at the push of a button. A circle tells us when to launch, exactly the same as in Pokémon Go. When it comes to giving us experience, the program takes into account if it was our first launch, if we have been precise or if we have a streak of catches on the same pokémon. Depending on this, EXP multipliers are applied , really satisfactory, because they can even make us earn more points than fighting.

In television and desktop modes , we must use the Joy-Con or the Pokéball Plus to imitate the launch of the ball. From my experience after hours and hours of gaming, I have to say that motion detection is not the most accurate, especially the Joy-Con. It is more frustrating when the pokémon to capture do not stop moving, something that they begin to do as the adventure progresses. Some species, such as the zubat, are especially slippery, and can drive you to despair. There have been times when I have lost all the pokéball, superball and ultraball that I carried because of this.

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Game Freak should have paid more attention to these issues, because it was important that the capture work 100%. In my game, I would say the error rate was 15-25% with gesture throws. Although it seems strange, it seems that the Pokéball Plus worked better than the Joy-Con. In fact, the new accessory -which is sold in a pack together with the game- is very striking due to the number of colors it shows (synchronized with those that appear on the screen) and for the different sounds it emits depending on the pokémon we capture, as well as the really detailed vibration system: you even notice when the pokémon is stirring inside. It’s a completely optional accessory, unless you want to get Launch Mew .

Pokémon Let’s Go, an exemplary remakePokémon Let’s Go is, above all, a remake. It should be clarified, because sometimes I have the feeling that many users have overlooked it. I’ve actually seen many who have completely dismissed this release, believing it wasn’t for them. My question is: isn’t Pokémon Yellow one of the best in the saga? I say this because Pokémon Let’s Go is such a video game, only that it is adapted to the present with the new mechanics mentioned above … together with a slight difficulty adjustment. The rest is identical.

Kanto’s map is identical to the one we saw in Pokémon Yellow, with all its locations. But don’t worry, there is fast travel, and the opportunity to use mounts to shorten the path.

The Kanto region is recreated in its entirety , with all its cities, routes and gyms. Playing this title, so many years after its initial release, is like rediscovering a jewel buried by the passage of time. Now it shines brightly, and I find it exceptional how each and every part of the game has been brought to life. Lavender Town , Fuchsia City, Isla Canela, Victoria Street… What was once represented with monochrome sprites, is now loaded with detailed modeling, textures and a combination of colors that generates joy on your screen.


“The technology is incredible”, said and continues to say a character from Pueblo Paleta, as a perfect metaphor for the technical evolution of this video game. The Super NES in your bedroom becomes a Nintendo Switch, just like the tube TV in your living room, now turned into a massive, many-inch flat screen. There is an Eevee plush on my table remembering the edition I chose for the review, and with the hours I discovered more and more details in the form of posters and a very long etcetera. You will recognize each part of the game if you played Pokémon Yellow . The map of Kanto remains as is, but everything has been transformed. The remake work is absolutely magnificent.

You have to appreciate the excellent use of colors and how beautiful the game looksIf you are a veteran, seeing what Game Freak has done in this regard is well worth it. Visually it is a delight, and although it may seem simple, or even childish, I think you have to appreciate the excellent use of colors and how beautiful the game looks. More is not always better, and this conceptual cleanliness in the artistic, combined with a cartoon tone very close to the TV series , proves to be a smart option to represent the first generation of pokémon creatures, which are shown with great vividness, thanks to very fluid and careful animations.

Another feature inherited from Pokémon Go is candy. There are several types, and they allow you to improve statistics and even level up the pokémon.

With regard to music, the original melodies have been recovered . They are all recognizable, but have been adapted to the present day to sound more melodic. The “chiptunes” are replaced by sound effects that manage to recreate the originals, keeping the essence of Pokémon. There is very little to blame for a work that shows great affection towards the history of the franchise. The truth is that it is nice to see the great involvement of the Japanese when it comes to reviving the audiovisual essence of Pokémon Yellow. There is no more to say.


Pokémon Let’s Go is so respectful of the original title, that it even maintains some mechanics and certain puzzles that could be somewhat anachronistic, with switch systems, mazes and other situations that nowadays any developer would think twice about incorporating into any creation. For this reason, it is still curious that Nintendo has promoted the video game so much in the face of new users (with images that left no doubt), when in reality it is a game that, in my opinion, is also a true song of nostalgia for longtime fans.


Maybe we should see Pokémon Let’s Go as a layered game . The most superficial is the one we have all seen: an accessible game, in which you throw the pokéball in a sweetened approach for the little ones. But as the hours passed, he discovered other layers not so obvious, which constitute the strong core of Pokémon. The following paragraphs are about that, and if you are veteran users, you should stay.

Two surprises: difficulty and endgameThe creators of Pokémon Let’s Go themselves told me in an interview that they wanted to create an easy title to beat. I recently did a test. I took Pokémon Yellow and compared the degree of challenge. Surprisingly, there are no big differences . In some cases the pokémon may appear here with two or three levels less, but I think it is a very similar game. If you go very fast, it is likely that you will fall more than necessary. If you go very slowly, you will finish the adventure without problems.

Depending on which edition you have chosen, you can interact with Pikachu or Eevee. It is important, because if we pamper and feed him, our bond will improve.

Like the original title, Pokémon Let’s Go is not a video game that makes things simple for you, and I don’t rule out that you need a guide (I had to use it on occasion). You learn to play by talking to the Kanto characters, who tell you how each system in the game works. I mean, there are no tutorials … and this is another surprise for me. The user is trusted to learn that fire is effective against plant, and that earth is resistant against electrical. The same about the use of pokémon centers, objects and a long etcetera. The little ones who come here I am convinced that they will feel like us twenty years ago. That is the magic of the remake, which brings to the present sensations of yesteryear, and is in a sense a restart of the saga, a new entry point (or reunion) for all types of users.

It is a bridge to players who have not thrown a pokéball for a long time, but without forgetting the veteransNotice for navigators: now I will talk about the endgame (if you do not want to know more about the account, I recommend you go to the next section of the analysis of Pokémon Let’s Go). This look is always one of the most coveted by veterans, and the good news: it has been more than decent for me. Once the adventure is over, all the gym leaders will want to fight us again, this time with a higher Pokémon level. Also, we have the option of finding the legendary pokémon if we had not already done so (you may be surprised that wild legendary are included). There is also Mewtwo , and I already tell you that it is a challenge to achieve it.

Once the adventure is over, we will see that there are species that fly around the stage, and we will also be able to fly to go from one place to another more quickly. It is also very interesting that pokémon masters appear on the map , one for each of the 151 species present in video games (there are two editions, with some exclusive pokémon). We can only fight if we have the pokémon of this species, and I already anticipate that you must take them well trained, because they have a high level. Once the title is achieved, we appear in the face of other users as the masters of said pokémon: something like a decoration.


This promises endless hours, but there is more to tell. Game Freak has incorporated the ability to create catch streaks , with various repercussions. At the tenth pokémon, this one will get an unbeatable statistic. To the twentieth, two statistics, and so on. Besides, we can return the pokémon we don’t want to Professor Oak, and get candies (a feature inherited from Pokémon Go) with which to improve certain attributes of our pokémon, or even level them up. Additionally, in the nursery it is possible to improve the rest of the statistics, and through the Guess to get a pokémon of a specific nature. Finally, the TM are back to equip our creatures with the abilities we want. Thusyou can create a completely custom pokémon for the competitive.


Therefore, I would not rule out that the competitive scene of this game would achieve success … For example, there are megaevolutions and not only Alola forms are included , but the possibility of finding the Shiny , although I notice that the probability is quite low, and requires certain conditioning factors for them to appear. Making chains increases the possibilities, as well as obtaining the Iris medal after obtaining the 150 pokémon. Despite its appearance, this Pokémon has a really interesting endgame, and there are still aspects to know.

The fantastic world of PokémonMultiplayer is another facet that Pokémon Let’s Go does not forget. We have both local and online multiplayer options . There are single and double battles, which can be played with normal or special rules, which have a duration limit of 20 minutes. Of course, there is an exchange function between users, although perhaps the newest thing is in the transfer function from Pokémon Go to Pokémon Let’s Go (on the contrary, it is not possible to transfer).

Graphically, we are faced with a video game full of details. Look at the decoration of this house.

It is made with loveTo carry out the transfers, an area known as Go Park is enabled , where the pokémon transferred from Pokémon Go will go, being eliminated from this account in the process. Once there, we can capture them and keep them to play with them in Pokémon Let’s Go. In total, we can have up to 20 parks, each with a capacity of 50 pokémon. That is, in total there is room for 1000 creatures . It is interesting that pokémon can be transferred from several Pokémon Go accounts, favoring the interaction of mobile users in our environment.

Pokéball PlusPokéball Plus is an optional accessory that allows the capture of pokémon through movement detection within the adventure, but also to control our character thanks to an analog stick and a couple of buttons to confirm and cancel actions within the menus. It is really comfortable, assuming a good control alternative. The internal battery does not last long (a few hours), but can be recharged in a short time via USB-C. What else does it offer? At the moment it seems the only way to get Mew, and then it can be linked to mobile and Pokémon Go to count our steps and catch Pokémon with the press of a button (a pokéball will be launched automatically).

Another attractive function is in the Play Area . If we have 25 pokémon of the same species, we can activate a minigame in which to guide the creatures to the exit, avoiding the presence of other pokémon that scare them. This rewards us with even more candies, becoming an additional pokémon improvement dynamic to those mentioned above. We can also use the pokéball plus for these purposes, taking a certain pokémon for a walk so that they continue giving us candy.


In short, there are not few options present. You can establish a link with the captured pokémon, and in fact the video game incorporates the function to play with Eevee , in which we can caress it and even change the shape of its hair. It is a small detail, but on some occasion it has saved me from some defeat. The stronger the bond, the better response our pokémon will have in combat.


For all this, I have to admit that Pokémon Let’s Go has surprised me. There are many hours that I leave behind, after which I have the feeling that this is not far from what I experienced twenty years ago. It has been like a rediscovery, but surprisingly well adapted to the current times. The remake is made with great love, preserving many aspects of Pokémon Yellow, but also betting on such important developments as the elimination of random battles. In fact, I think it will be the new standard for the franchise, because it proves to have more positive than negative implications, such as improving the flow of the game and increasing the user’s freedom when deciding how they want to approach the adventure: with more fights or more captures.

At this point, I think it is important to emphasize that the image we have formed about this video game is inaccurate. It is not just for children, nor for Pokémon Go users. It means, above all, a bridge to players who have not thrown a pokéball for a long time, but without forgetting the veterans, who will find a lot of content. In other words, a video game for everyone , and through its multiple layers of depth a space has been built for each of them. I think it is commendable what Game Freak has done, an amazing effort, not an easy one and that should be recognized.



Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee



A remake faithful to the original, but that at the same time knows how to adapt to current circumstances to reach all kinds of coaches equally. This has been what Game Freak has done with Pokémon Let’s Go, a video game built from a layered design, with various levels of complexity, which translate into an absolute recommendation, whether you arrive new, or have been throwing pokéball for years . It is not only a game for children, and it does not only search for Pokémon Go users. It is a real surprise that makes us wait even more eagerly for the Pokémon announced for 2019 on Nintendo Switch.

  • It’s a great remake, successfully bringing a game from decades ago to the present day.
  • The possibility of seeing the pokémon on the map is a great success
  • Freedom to progress through battles, captures, or both in combination
  • Layered depth, from the most accessible to the deepest for veterans
  • Interesting endgame, which ensures additional hours of play
  • Artistically and musically it is one of the most beautiful games in the series
  • Interesting integration with Pokémon Go
  • There are sections that have aged poorly and can become somewhat tedious
  • Capture process is somewhat imprecise with Joy-Con and Pokéball Plus


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