World of Final Fantasy Maxima analysis

One of the best Square Enix productions of all those who have appeared in RPG terrain lately, World of Final Fantasy, is presented on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One with a version just as wonderful as the original but even more complete. Analysis of World of Final Fantasy Maxima.

To my incomprehension, World of Final Fantasy was a title that went somewhat unnoticed when it appeared two years ago on PS4 and PS Vita (and a little later also on PC). I do not know if its “infantile” appearance confused many users of these consoles and they left it somewhat aside, but without a doubt from my point of view it was an excellent video game, and I fully share the opinion of my dear Jesús Bella when he expressed his feelings about Square Enix’s work in the World of Final Fantasy review .


This same production now reaches Nintendo and Microsoft systems under the name World of Final Fantasy Maxima , being an excellent conversion of said original work to which a large number of small changes and novelties have been added. The result is an RPG with a classic style and development even more complete than the original, being one of the best works within its style of those available on Switch and Xbox One in my humble opinion. And what about the holders of the original title? Well, you can download an expansion pack from this link in its edition for PS4, and do the same in this other in its delivery for PC in exchange for 15.99 euros. From PS Vita no trace as expected.


Square Enix tried with this title to create a kind of gateway for those users outside this great franchise. To do this, he designed a game scheme that closely followed what was established in the Final Fantasy saga for so many years, but integrating certain novelties and changes to the main game scheme and, also, dressing it with a very colorful, detailed and graphic aspect. captivating in appearance. And that is what we are going to find in this conversion, which takes us back to Grymoire .


Role and Fantasy with a special charmGrymoire is a very extensive world that consists of many different areas that must be traveled and explored in the company of two brothers, the great protagonists of this story: Reynn and Lann . Together with them we will be able to spend 40 hours very entertaining, trying to help them regain their lost memories and interacting with a large number of secondary characters. And before I get over it, the conversations are still in English and Japanese with subtitles in our language, a detail to take into account and that many users will appreciate.

We can change the size of the characters and enjoy certain special abilities.

One of the most outstanding features that the game presented and that continues to be present in this edition of World of Final Fantasy Maxima is the fact that it can change the appearance and size of the protagonists. In this way and with the push of a button it is possible to go from a Chibi-like appearance to a more stylized one (close to the one presented by the characters in the Kingdom Hearts series ). A function that goes beyond pure aesthetics since it affects the gameplay in certain aspects, modifying the statistics of the characters, certain abilities, etc.


Likewise, another of the main qualities that this production boasts is the theme of collecting. In the purest Pokémon style, the world of Grymoire is full of beings that are called Mirages . Some pets of different sizes, power, etc. that we can collect (and train) so that they become part of our team, with a very large number of such beings, each with their own qualities and attributes.

The combat system is one of the best virtues of the adventureYour help really comes in handy when it comes time to fight. As in any RPG worth its salt, in World of Final Fantasy Maxima it is necessary to engage in countless battles, battles that take place in turns but are not random (we almost always see our adversaries coming). The combat system is one of the best virtues of this adventure from my point of view, since they are very rewarding, dynamic and quite colorful.

Pet collecting is one of the brightest aspects of all that this RPG production includes.

The classic ATB (Active Time Battle) system is still in force and works as well as expected, and you can also fight using the traditional control scheme or use a simplified one, which greatly speeds up the course of these combats. However, the highlight of everything related to fighting is the possibility of creating “towers” with our characters , that is, stacking some types on top of others. And for what? Well, to gain in general consistency, since if we act in this way the skills of all of them merge, resulting in much more powerful protagonists.


A very suggestive and quite varied gameplay that results in a great RPG. An adventure that is capable of keeping you glued to the screen from the first moment and which is difficult to stop playing until you reach the end of it.


But all this we already enjoy in the World of Final Fantasy. What’s new in this “Maximum” installment? Well, the truth is that the list of changes and improvements is very extensive, more than it might seem at first, although the vast majority of these additions are minor.

The list of changes and improvements is notedIn my opinion, one of the most striking novelties has to do with the possibility of being able to change the main protagonists for well-known types like Cloud, Yuna, Lightning and other very beloved characters from the main series. New Mirages have also been introduced that it is possible to hunt down and join our group (some of them really powerful), being able to carry a dozen of them this time (two more than in the original installment). The possibility of being able to participate in a game of fishing in the company of Noctis has also caught my attention , a rather casual and entertaining activity.

As expected, the texts are in our language, while the voices remain in English and Japanese.

And to all this are added other innovations such as the possibility of playing a New Game + when we overcome the main adventure, a greater number of controllable characters, new objects, adjustments in the difficulty of certain sections of the game, the possibility of exploring a new dungeon, enjoy the occasional new boss, an additional secret ending … As I mentioned before, the list of additions that this Maxima version has is quite extensive.


What has not changed one iota is everything related to its audiovisual section. Graphically, it is still a relatively simple title in terms of its technical power, but it continues to enjoy a captivating aesthetic line , an exemplary color and a lot of solidity. And as for its sonic aspect, the melodies that we can hear as we move forward and tour the world of Grymoire continue to seem sensational to me, as well as the dual dubbing in English and Japanese (with Spanish subtitles as I mentioned before).



World of Final Fantasy Maxima

Switch and Xbox One users (and PS4 and PC through the patch on duty) can now enjoy one of the best JRPG character titles of all those that have appeared for these machines. Despite its sweet and colorful style, this adventure offers high-carat fun to all types of users, whether they are longtime fans of the Square Enix saga or neophytes. A truly wonderful trip to a world, Grymoire, that will be difficult for you to leave once you immerse yourself in it.

  • The gameplay hooks a lot. It’s a great RPG
  • Light but interesting and many new features introduced
  • Artistically still a delight
  • Excellent dual dubbing and captivating soundtrack
  • His story is simpler than usual in the series
  • Some battles are still out of adjustment in terms of difficulty.


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