Final Fantasy 15 Walkthrough Tips

Basic tips and tricks for playing Final Fantasy 15

PC gamers are finally waiting for the release of Final Fantasy 15 , which hit the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last year. The game came with all the add-ons released so far. We have put together a list of useful information for you that you should study before starting the game. And at the end of the article you can find small, simple, but no less important tips for passing.

Since we are talking about a role-playing game, a lot of activities and entertainment await players in it.

Getting started: training and settings

There are several important decisions you need to make before launching New Game on the main menu. For example, choose between a TV and a home theater. This setting is essentially related to audio options. If you are using conventional speakers, choose a TV, and for surround sound, choose a home theater.

When you click on the New Game option, Final Fantasy 15 prompts you to decide if you want to start with the tutorial or if you want to skip it. The game itself is a pretty good idea of ​​the principles of a unique combat system, so the tutorial looks pretty useless and I recommend skipping it. Learning will make the beginning of a new game less effective, as you will be transported to an empty room, where you have to learn basic skills, and only then move on to the plot. You can access the tutorial at any time through the pause menu, so skip it at the beginning, and if you have any questions, start it later.

Include endurance bar for endless sprint in the interface

Turn on the stamina scale via the options menu. Focusing on the scale, you can accelerate to infinity. All you need to do is to hold the “circle” or Shift to sprint, then wait a little and watch the scale. When the endurance scale drops to almost zero, then release the “circle” and click on it again (or Shift on the PC). The stamina bar will instantly fill up to the very top, and you can again use acceleration.

Don’t get hung up on side quests

There are many side quests in the game, although they are not very diverse. On the other hand, during the game, warnings will appear in the style of “If you go to the next story section, you will not be able to go back.” It really is, but at a later stage you will get acquainted with a mechanic who will allow you to return to an easier and more carefree time of your journey – and at that moment all the previously taken side quests will become available to you! Therefore, do not be afraid to leave their implementation “for later”.

Also, do not be afraid to refuse Prompto when he asks to stop the car for another beautiful photo. Even if you say no, a corresponding target will be added to the quest journal with a note of the place to visit. You can come back here later.

Unlock AP Acceleration Skills First

While Noctis and his buddies will grow stronger as they level up and gain experience, the main character improvements in FF15 come through the ascension menu, which is a bit like the spherical web from Final Fantasy 10 and other similar systems.

Focus on those menu tabs that give Noctis and his comrades new moves in combat. In the meantime, linger on the Research tab. Here you will find many useful skills that will speed up your AP gain. AP is the points you spend to acquire these skills, so the sooner you unlock these skills, the better.

There are skills here that allow you to gain AP while driving cars or riding a chocobo – something that you will do all the time. You can even get points for fishing! If you love any mini-activity in the game, then be sure to unlock the corresponding skill, which allows you to earn more AP.

Visit restaurants and eateries for information on points of interest in the area

Final Fantasy 15 will introduce you to this concept on its own early in the game, but afterward, it’s easy enough to forget about it: be sure to visit the restaurants and eateries in each region. Despite the fact that it is much easier to refresh yourself in a regular camp, even if Ignis knows how to cook almost all the dishes, in a conversation with the owner of a restaurant or cafe you will receive valuable information about the world around you. Numerous icons will appear on the map – areas of interest, parking spaces, treasures, and sometimes even dungeons.

Ignis’s Cooking Menu

Use experience modifiers wisely to level up faster

Final Fantasy 15 uses an interesting way of handling experience gained from completing quests and fighting mobs – all the experience gained can only be credited while sleeping. You can sleep in a camp or, for example, a luxury hotel.

Each type of housing in the game provides its own bonus to experience points. The rooms in the best hotels will offer you a 3x increase, but they will have to pay about 30,000 gil per night.

If anything, the point of this advice is simple: Look out for the experience bonus offered in each area where you can stay. For just 300 gil, in some places you can get an average, one and a half times bonus to experience. Always try to collect as many experience points as possible and transform it in those places where a good bonus is given.

Also, don’t forget about food, which can provide a bonus to experience. Certain dishes give increased experience at the time of its acquisition (rather than transformation). For example, by eating some fish, you can get twice as many experience points in battles or when completing quests for a limited period of time.

Weapons are very important, so learn to choose the right one.

Many gamers pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of magic, but they completely forget that weapons have their pros and cons.

Noctis’s standard set includes a spear, one-handed and two-handed swords, but he can equip a lot of other things – daggers, pistols, etc. Ignis has the ability to analyze opponents. Or use the standby mode to disassemble enemies on your own, look for their weak and strong qualities. This is very useful for bosses. Be sure to attack bosses with those weapons to which they are vulnerable.

In addition to scanning opponents, keep an eye on the numbers indicating the amount of damage your opponent is taking. They should be colored red. If so, then you are dealing maximum damage. White indicates average values, but in the case of blue, you should immediately change weapons. Watch this carefully and use the correct equipment.

Do not sell items you are not sure about the usefulness or use of

The game does not explain the purpose of the found items. They can of course be sold, but they may be needed for something more. The situation is quite realistic when any item found earlier and already sold to the merchant will be needed for the current quest or weapon upgrade. It can be redeemed back, but if you bypassed several characters, you hardly remember who and what items you managed to exchange.

Thus, be careful and attentive with what you want to sell. So, do not sell the Rusted Bit – an item that is required to upgrade Noctis’s signature sword. Check all items before selling as they can be used for weapon upgrades, quests, or recipe crafting.

There are many other opportunities to earn gil – for example, go hunting.

Simple Tips

And now we will list a few simple, but extremely important tips and tricks:

  • Dodge the battle as often as possible.
  • Use a teleport strike to get more AP (the further Noctis is from the target he teleports to, the more powerful the hit is). MP consumes.
  • Teleport to high surfaces to regain MP.
  • The Elemancy menu is responsible for spells. In fact, all of them are available to you from the very beginning of the game. On the right side of the menu, select a slot to save the spell before creating it.
  • Save coins, silver and banknotes. Don’t sell them. They will come in handy to strengthen the team.
  • Do not try to fulfill all the side effects – some of them will provide good money and experience, but not all will be useful.
  • Before the boss fight in Chapter 9, do not choose dialogue options that will anger your opponent.
  • Save as often as you can.
  • As for the recovery of CP, there is a greater variety of healing items. But still the main ones are the standard health potions. If you can, then take at least 99 bottles with you.
  • Complete three short quests for Sid to transform Noctis’s blade into a powerful Engine Blade.
  • There are no penalties for completing the game on easy difficulty.
  • Periodically check the equipment and equip accessories for the rest of the heroes.
  • If your comrades are alive, then save healing items – approach them, let them restore Noctis’s HP.
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