How to let your pokemon roam freely out of its pokeball

Pokemon don’t usually walk outside of their pokeballs in most games. The exception may be when the pokemon goes into battle. However, the 2010 games “Pokemon HeartGold” and “Pokemon SoulSilver” include an animation that allows the leading Pokemon of your group of six to walk out of his pokeball behind your character. With these game graphics you can turn to face your pokemon, which will express feelings and give you an object that it found on the ground.

Create a team of six pokemon

Launch the Pokemon game.

Visit Professor Elm’s lab to receive your first Pokemon. He will ask you to choose one of three.

Press the crosshead button to walk after receiving your pokemon. Notice how the pokemon stays on the outside of its ball and obediently follows you where you are going.

Exit the professor’s lab and walk on the high grass to find wild Pokemon.

Throw a pokeball to catch each new wild pokemon that you come across and it will join your team. Your team will be complete when you have six Pokemon. Your first pokemon will stay walking on the outside of his ball, walking with you, until you choose another pokemon that has the position of leader in the team.

Change a pokemon in the position of the leader

Press the “X” button to display the game menu.

Touch the “Pokemon” command on the DS screen. This will allow you to see all six Pokémon on your team. The pokemon in the upper left corner is the leader.

Press the cross to highlight the pokemon you want to walk next to you.

Press the “A” button to select that pokemon. Choose the “Change” command from the menu that appears.

Press the crosshairs to highlight the pokemon that is in the upper left position and press the “A” button again. The two Pokémon you selected will switch places.

Press the “B” button to return to the game. The pokemon that you switched to the leader position will now be next to you, outside of its ball.


The more time you spend with your pokemon walking next to you, the better friends they will become. Some Pokemon require a stronger friendship with their trainer to become stronger Pokemon. In “Pokemon Diamond,” “Pokemon Pearl,” or “Pokemon Platinum,” the games released between 2007 and 2009, you can choose one of 11 different Pokemon to walk around in the park with you on the outside of his ball. Some Legendary Pokemon, like Lugia and Ho-Oh, are too big to walk next to their trainer when you enter a building so they return to their Pokeball. As soon as you leave the building, they will reappear next to you. “Pokemon SoulSilver” and “Pokemon HeartGold” include a pedometer that looks like a pokeball. Using the wireless technology of the DS,


The 2011 games “Pokemon Black” and “Pokemon White” improved the graphics for many portions of the game, but discontinued the animation that allowed a Pokemon to walk outside of its pokeball.


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