Amazon Prime;Everything you need to know

Discover all the services and advantages of an Amazon Prime account: in our guide we explain how it works and how much it costs to subscribe.

If you are wondering what Amazon Prime is , know that it is a subscription offered by Amazon to its customers so that they have exclusive benefits, such as access to the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform or free 1-day deliveries . Try Amazon Prime free for 30 days here . At the end of the free period of use, Amazon Prime  is renewed at  € 3.99 per month  or  € 36 per year .

If you are an Amazon  customer  and would like to have the opportunity to  save  on your purchases and have access to many other benefits, you might consider subscribing to the Prime service . Read on to learn how Amazon Prime works  , what the costs are and how to try it for free.

  1. What is Amazon Prime
  2. How much does Amazon Prime cost: subscriptions
  3. The benefits of Amazon Prime
  4. Amazon Prime: how to sign up (even for free)

What is Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime  is the service of the e-commerce giant  Amazon  that allows its customers to have access to numerous benefits and to save  time and money  on their purchases. In fact, by subscribing to  Amazon Prime  you can take advantage of free, fast and safe deliveries on millions of products, with delivery times that can be just one working day or two / three working days, depending on the item. In Milan, Rome and Turin the Prime Now service is active with delivery in 1 hour, and in  Milan the Amazon Fresh service is also available , designed for the delivery of food.

As we have already mentioned to you, in order to have access to all the benefits it is necessary to subscribe to the Prime service . Signing up for  Amazon Prime is free  and for all new members, a free 30-day trial is available .


After your subscription ends,  Amazon Prime  automatically renews. You can unsubscribe at any time. Find out here how to deactivate Amazon Prime .

How much does Amazon Prime cost: subscriptions

If you are wondering  how much Amazon Prime costs , you should know that the latter offers three different types of subscription:

0 euro  for 30 days
Click here for the free trial .

€ 3.99  per month

36 euros  per year
Equivalent to  3 euros per month  (savings of 25% compared to the monthly cost)

18 euros per year until graduation ( more info on Prime Student )

The benefits of Amazon Prime

In addition to  free deliveries , with Amazon Prime  you have access to many other exclusive benefits, all included in the subscription :

  • Amazon Prime Video: By subscribing to Amazon Prime, you can take advantage of the streaming service of exclusive and non- Amazon movies and TV series . Accessing the Prime Video service is very simple. You can do it from any device you are using via browser or, from smartphones and tablets, via the Amazon Prime Video App. Find out more in our article on how Prime Video works ;
  • Amazon Prime Music: In addition to streaming movies and TV series, Amazon Prime also offers services for music lovers, with Amazon Prime Music. This service makes available to Amazon Prime subscribers over two million songs that can be listened to on any device , for a total of 40 hours of listening per month and without any advertising. You can learn more in our article on Amazon Prime Music ;
  • Amazon Prime Reading: Among other Amazon Prime services, by subscribing, you will have a selection of eBooks and comics chosen constantly updated. As with Prime Video and Prime Music, Prime Reading can also be used, wherever and whenever you want, from any device on the browser or thanks to its free Kindle App;
  • Amazon Drive: Also called Amazon Photos , this service allows you to have access to an unlimited storage space on Amazon Drive to deposit photos, videos and other files, securely. If you decide to subscribe to Amazon Prime, taking advantage of this service is almost a must, given the possibility of freeing your smartphone.
  • Early access to Amazon flash offers and Prime Day: If you often look at Amazon flash offers, then having the advantage of knowing 30 minutes in advance what will be on sale, could be a great opportunity to grab what you want most! In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in Prime Day and purchase the products offered by Amazon during a whole day;
  • Amazon Family: As you’ve surely guessed from the name, Amazon also thinks about families, especially your baby. With Amazon Family, by creating a child profile you will receive a series of offers and shopping tips for your child;
  • Flash Deals : Offers reserved in advance for Prime customers;
  • Amazon Fresh  and  Amazon Prime Now : Prime customers can shop online and receive it in one day;
  • Prime Gaming: Service designed for video game enthusiasts, if you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you have the opportunity to receive exclusive rewards on the most famous and used video game streaming platform in the world, as well as have a completely free monthly subscription available for support your favorite streamer .

Amazon Prime: how to sign up (even for free)

Now that you know in detail  what it is, how it works and what the prices and benefits of Amazon Prime are , here are the steps to follow to sign up for the service quickly and easily:

  1. Connect to the Amazon Prime page
  2. Click on the yellow button you see in the image with the words ” Sign up and use it free for 30 days
  3. If you are already registered with Amazon, enter your login details. If you are NOT registered with Amazon, create an account indicating your name, email and password.
  4. To complete the registration it is necessary to insert a credit card on which Amazon will charge the costs of a possible renewal (you will NOT pay anything immediately. end of the free trial, while continuing to receive the benefits of an Amazon Prime account for the entire trial period).
  5. Get started with all the benefits of  Amazon Prime.
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