Alternative source of income is roof gardening

In this country of the sixth season, where hundreds of land is not covered under cultivation today, the roof of the house can not be imagined. In such a situation, the idea of ​​building a garden is underway on the roof of the building of billions of houses of the city port. The roof garden has grown in popularity. Has been identified as the economic sector. Relief has returned to the labor garden. Whoever is building a garden of fruits, flowers and vegetables. The market is being sold to meet the demand of family fruits and flowers. The openings of the roof have been adorned with beauty. Retiring people are spending time in dirty, sluggish times.


In large cities, there is not enough land for crop gardens. The atmosphere of spending time with family fairs is missing. That’s why homeowners are turning to gardening on the roof day by day. Roof gardens can bring in increased income by meeting the needs of each family, and through the planned initiatives, the market can get rid of the harmful effects of fruits and vegetables associated with adulteration and formalin in the market.

The first thing to look for in a garden garden is whether there is a water roof. If there is no water roof, the alternative would be to offer tarpaulin. If it is not possible for Alcatra to be coated, it will have to be made of thick polythene paper with a height of at least 2 / 2.5 feet. The frame should be fastened around the roof or with a piece of wood or steel.

There should be a path to the roof, watering and fertilizer application. Again, the bed can be made by making a bed on the roof. The main components of planting roofs are soil. So the greater the importance of soil on the roof, the better. In order to protect the tree from pests and to produce good yields, the soil should be changed at intervals of 3-5 years and a new bed should be prepared.

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Depending on the soil type, any tree can be planted on the roof. Usually the Doha-ash and sandy Doha-Asha soil are suitable for planting on roofs. As per the plan, it is best to plant the soil on the roof, ensuring that the soil is suitable for any kind of tree. Noteworthy are tubs, buckets, containers or drums in containers used on the roof.

All these containers have to lose some amount of brick or stone under the pot before using the soil. So that extra water is drained through the hole in the bottom of the vessel and the light inside the bottom of the pot does not interfere with the air entering. In our country, due to favorable climate, the roots of trees are more prone to go deeper. The larger the size of the tub or drum, the more useful it is for plants. Half of the amount of soil in the garden should be prepared by combining dung or organic manure. Note that the large tub drum for fruit cultivation, on the other hand, is smaller when the size of the tub for vegetable or flower cultivation is smaller.

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