How to view the source code of a website on mobile

For developers, programmers or people who are interested in the programming area of ​​a website, it is very important to know the source code of their websites or reference pages. In Google Chrome for PC you can see it easily, but in Android there is no function that details how to do it. At Mr. Moviliano we show you how to view the source code of a website on your mobile easily. Ahead!

How to view the source code of a website on mobile

If you are a programmer or you are just starting in the web code area, it is most likely that at some point you have come across a site that you want to explore further, to see behind its content and detail it enough. To do this, you need to analyze the source code.

In Google Chrome it can easily be done by right clicking on the page and going to ‘View page source code’, or just pressing Ctrl + U in Windows. There we can see detailed part of the background of the web in HTML.

The Google Chrome for Android does not have a specific section for the source code, so you need to do it manually. To achieve this, you must write ‘view-source:’ before the web page you need to detail.

For example, if you want to explore Google’s web page, you would type ‘view-source: https: //’. As we can see, the source code starts only by adding view-source, but we must pay special attention to writing the web since the HTTPS protocol is totally different from HTTP.

On the other hand, and if we consult many source codes through the smartphone, we can use a Play Store application such as VT View Source, in which we only have to paste the web link and it shows us its code.

[appbox googleplay com.tozalakyan.viewsource & hl = es]

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