5 Best Harvest Moon-like Gardening Games on Android

Harvest Moon is the best gardening game ever. Originally developed for Super Nintendo Entertainment.

Harvest Moon received a very positive response from gamers around the world, especially when it was released on the PS1 console with the Harvest Moon: Back to Nature series.

All gamers from the 90s must be familiar with this legendary game .

Harvest Moon has a unique gameplay when compared to games at that time, and makes many people curious about the ending of this game .

If your Androbuntu friends are former Harvest Moon players and want to play a gardening game similar to that game on your Android phone, then you can try some of the games below.

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  • Harvest Master: Farm Sim
  • Country Life: Harvest Day
  • Tiny Pixel Farm
  • Farm Life: Natures Adventure
  • Pocket Harvest
  1. Harvest Master: Farm Sim


If asked what game is most similar to Harvest Moon on Android at this time, then the answer is Harvest Master: Farm Sim.

Harvest Master: Farm Sim became quite famous because it was made very much like Harvest Moon.

This game offers a wider world than Harvest Moon.

You can run plantations, farms, and also find true love in Harvest Master: Farm Sim.

The storyline is slightly different from Harvest Moon.

In this game , initially you are given a plantation field by your uncle. However, the uncle also inherited quite a lot of debt.

You have to manage the plantation until it is successful, so you can pay off your uncle’s debts.

  1. Country Life: Harvest Day


In Country Life: Harvest Day, you will play as a young man named Derek.

The storyline of this game is very similar to Harvest Moon.

You have inherited the old estate of your deceased father, and your mission is to make the estate a success again.

Of course, to add to the fun, there are quite a few characters who also live in the village.

Including the girls you can make a wife.

You must advance your father’s estate within 4 years.

Very similar to Harvest Moon, right?

  1. Tiny Pixel Farm


The next Android game that is also similar to Harvest Moon is Tiny Pixel Farm.

Graphically, Farm Up uses graphics that look modern. So it will add to the fun of playing.

Tiny Pixel Farm is packed with a little more fun than Harvest Moon.

You can download this game, Androbuntu friend, for free directly from Google Play.

But if you find it difficult in the middle of the game, you can use In App Purchase to make the game easier.

  1. Farm Life: Natures Adventure


There are quite a few Harvest Moon series. One of the most famous is Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town.

Well, Farm Life: Nature Adventure is quite similar to the Harvest Moon series. Starting from the graphics to the storyline.

The fun of this game is, you can make the appearance of the main character as you wish.

You will have plantations, farms and pets that you have to take care of.

Just like the Harvest Moon game , you can also marry one of the girls in the village.

What’s even cooler is that your wife will help you work on taking care of the plantation.

  1. Pocket Harvest


Pocket Harvest is a game similar to Harvest Moon with a slightly more complex way of playing than the 4 games above.

If you are successful enough, then you can hire employees to take care of the plantation.

So later you will be like a boss. And what makes this game complex is that there is a system of investment and funding from outsiders.

Those are 5 games like Harvest Moon that you can play on Android. Everything can be downloaded directly on Google Play.

The game above is perfect for those of you who want to be nostalgic for playing Harvest Moon on an Android phone


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