How to cultivate oranges

Orange is a talkative food product. Because it is high in vitamin C, all members of the family take oatmeal. There is  a demand for it all over the world . Orange is a favorite food item for humans. Starting this business requires no extra work. Oranges can be cultivated very easily. Oranges can also be exported abroad by cultivating oranges. It can be grown a lot of money every year by cultivating oranges with little capital and no spare parts. Women can also earn a lot of money by starting a business on the empty land next to their house. This is a profitable business idea.

Location: This business does not require much space to start. However, suitable land for lemon cultivation should be purchased. This business can also be started on the vacant lot next to the house.

Why start this business : Starting this business does not require much effort. This business is known as a lucrative business. This business does not require much capital. This business can be started very easily. This is a popular business location. There is no risk to this business. Once orange is cultivated, it does not cost much money to cultivate later.

Potential capital: Doing this business does not require much capital. This business can be started by investing 5 to 5 taka capital.

How to start cultivating oranges

To start this business, you must first determine the land. A perfect place for cultivating oranges, where the temperature is above 5 degrees Celsius and below 5 degrees Celsius. However, it is better to cultivate oranges in sandy and dohash soil.

The cultivation and marketing of oranges

Demand for Kamalalebu is increasing day by day in the market. Everyone in the city and village is the consumer of this product. From the farm, Pikar comes and takes the orange.

Qualifications: No qualifications are required to start this business. However, it is necessary to have experience on planting seedlings.

Potential Income: Starting this business can earn a lot of money. By cultivating oranges, it is possible to earn 1 to 5 rupees per season

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