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Get to know our environment to learn how to care for it and value it

It is very important today more than ever that all humanity in general and especially future generations know their natural environment, so that they learn to value it and take care of it for a human survival in full harmony with nature and all its natural resources.

Awakening that ecological or environmental awareness from an early age, must be a task more and more of all to achieve a balance between the human subsystem, natural and built for sustainable development.Thus, the environment is a system formed by natural, social, cultural and artificial elements that are modified by human action in a specific place and time. It arises through our Heavenly Father, who created everything around us as the ideal environment so that we could have a full life.

On the other hand, the expression “Environment” is a pleonasm, and can be replaced by other more specific or ambiguous expressions such as the environment or environment. Subsequently, among its main functions are the provider of resources for production and consumption, receiver or sink of waste, recreation and landscape services, support services for global life and stabilizes ecosystems, regulates the climate and biogeochemical cycles.

Likewise, the main component or most important element would be the human being capable of transforming it more than any other being on the planet and therefore the one who has a higher responsibility for its existence in it. It is constituted by natural, social, political and cultural elements.

Similarly, among the main characteristics of the environment are: (Environmental Policy, Land Management, Pollution, Wildlife, Landscape, Environmental Education, Ecology, Climate, Land relief, Living organisms, Geography and Deforestation).

In the same way, among the types of environment we have: the Natural Environment, physical space that has been very little intervened or affected by man and the Artificial Environment, is part of the totality not only as a component but also as one of the deeper causes of human change.
On the other hand, the benefits of the environment for the human being are incredible; (development of life itself, food supplier, trees give us oxygen, it gives us the water we drink daily and all its natural resources help us to the base on the planet.

At the same time, the main environmental problems are: (Biodiversity degradation, ozone layer, landscape, urban environment, deforestation, forest fires, illegal mining, greenhouse effect, climate change, global warming, solid waste generation, desertification , natural disasters, air pollution, water, soil, flora and fauna.)

So, stop being a passive observer of the destruction of the environment and all the beings that inhabit it, do something to achieve real change and remember the worst thing you can do is do nothing.
If you recycle, you separate the garbage, you take care of the water, you emit less waste you are collaborating on something and above all you are setting the example.

Right now, you can start by promoting and promoting environmental education, which, without it, is a utopia trying to solve the environmental problems we face and get worse as time goes by.

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You don’t take care of what you don’t love and you don’t love what you don’t know

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