Importance of Wetlands

At present there is a very fundamental resource of nature for the ecological balance of the planet, which represents a great ecosystem and an important habitat for the diversity of animals and plants. This environment environment is called wetland or wetlands, which constitute a vital source of environmental resources and services for human survival.

Therefore, wetlands are areas or areas of the land formed by standing water and that at low tide does not exceed six meters deep. It is regulated by climatic factors and that interacts with the living beings that inhabit it.

Likewise, these ecosystems play an essential role in the environment, since they fulfill vital functions such as: home to a wide variety of aquatic, terrestrial and bird fauna, purify water, reduce floods, control erosions, carbon dioxide fixation , scenic beauty, fishing, recreational and tourist contributions, among other benefits.

However, man has not valued all these ecological services that wetlands provide us, altering and modifying these spaces through main activities such as: elimination of natural habitats, indiscriminate hunting, excessive logging, pollution and change of land use. In effect, these problems greatly diminish all the previous benefits and functions that wetlands offer us.

On the other hand, the ignorance of the value that wetlands have for man, has led to their loss and destruction without taking any measures. For all this, the conscience of all humanity is necessary to promote the conservation and rational use of wetlands through strategies and restoration activities, prohibit the construction in their spaces, organize or participate in the cleaning of a wetland, do not contaminate with toxic substances, educate others about their value, practice fishing, tourism and sustainable agriculture.

In conclusion, wetlands are the support of biodiversity and a vital component for sustainable human development and most importantly, for the safety and preservation of water on the planet.

by Abdullah Sam
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