10 Algae Properties You Must Know

Algae properties

Algae: real superfoods. The most important are their use and the main properties: Kombu, Dulse, Wakame, Nori, Hijiki, Arame, Agar Agar, Spirulina, Klamath, Laminaria, Chondrus. Algae have detoxifying properties, help liver and kidneys, promote digestion and eliminate toxic waste through sweat, feces and urine.

In general algae are characterized by an abundant presence of minerals (iodine, calcium, magnesium and potassium, etc.), they have an important fiber content with satiating and slightly laxative properties, they contain good amounts of vitamins: vitamin A, as beta-carotene, in amounts up to 20 times higher than carrot, the B vitamins, along with vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E.

The presence of fatty acids makes the algae also have an anti-inflammatory function and, thanks to the iodine that stimulates the activity of the thyroid (accelerating the metabolism), it can also be considered a slimming food. Furthermore, they help the body activate the immune system and also have the function of strengthening bones, nails and hair.

The seaweed Kombu, Dulse, Wakame, Nori, Hijiki, Arame, Agar Agar, spirulina, Klamath, Laminaria, Chondrus in the kitchen


It is rich in iodine, fiber, minerals, alginic acid, has a sweet taste; it is detoxifying and purifying, it can be added in small quantities to soups.


It is rich in iron (including vitamins A and C), a soft and spicy taste, it is indicated in cases of anemia, it can be added to stews or salads.


It is rich in calcium, iodine and manganese, has a delicate taste, has detoxifying functions (depuration of liver and intestine), antibiotics. It is excellent for flavoring soups, soups, salads.


Rich in proteins, vitamins A, B12, fatty acids (it is the seaweed used to prepare sushi), pleasant taste, it is also called “sea lettuce”

Hijiki (or Hiziki)

Rich in fiber and minerals (calcium, potassium, iron), strong taste, remineralizing function.

Agar Agar

Red alga, has an almost zero caloric value, contains mineral salts, trace elements and satiating fibers, has a neutral taste and is used to thicken creams and jellies, reduces the sense of hunger, carries out a gastroprotective action and is indicated in cases of constipation .


Rich in iodine and therefore it is particularly indicated in cases of hypothyroidism.

Algae as a supplement:  Spirulina,  Klamatah,  Laminaria,  Chondrus.


Rich in amino acids, essential fatty acids, high quality proteins (with 8 essential amino acids, plus another 9) and all the B vitamins, including B12, vitamin E, all essential mineral elements to our body (even the rare selenium). For its properties it is an indispensable food for vegetarians and vegans. It can be used in different situations, including nutritional deficiencies, stress, memory disorders, anemia; adjuvant in slimming diets.


Contains vitamins (group B including B12, A, C, E, F, K), mineral salts, proteins and amino acids (the only food in nature that contains 20) of which over 60% of noble proteins, fatty acids, omega 3, antioxidants. The indications for health are really numerous, just to name a few: it strengthens the immune system, is a tonic, an anticancer, relieves stress.


There are 31 species, used for thousands of years in Asian folk medicine to treat eczema, fevers, lung disease, liver disease, gout, etc. It is an adjuvant in slimming diets, stimulates the metabolism, helps the immune system and mental fatigue.


Excellent as a thickener for sauces and soups. Rich in carraghenine (or carrageenan), it appears to be very useful for the treatment of dysentery, urinary tract infections and chronic lung infections. It is also purifying and detoxifying at the colon level. It is indicated for many problems, such as chronic constipation, constipation, environmental and food allergies, urinary tract infections, radiation, heavy metal poisoning, meteorism.


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