Albanian cuisine

The Gastronomy of Albania consists of a set of dishes and culinary customs from Albania . Many of the dishes come from the cuisine of the Balkans and the Mediterranean, as well as some local specialties. Albanians’ main meal is lunch accompanied by fresh vegetable salads, such as tomatoes , cucumbers , olives, olive oil , vinegar and salt.


Some typical dishes are roast lamb with yogurt, potato and cabbage soup, fried meatballs (Qofte të fërguara) and Albanian vegetable pie.

Alcoholic beverages are widely consumed in Albania . Most are produced in your locality and some by the citizens themselves. The most typical are wine, local brand beer Birra Tirana, Albanian Brandy and Raki (a liqueur).

  • The typical dish is Fërgëse, consisting of a hot stew with beef, eggs, parsley and cheese and served in a clay pot.
  • Fergese

As starters, the typical dishes are pilaf rice with natural yogurt, cheese and ham tables and byrek, filo pastry empanadas filled with feta cheese, also accompanied by liquid yogurt with a touch of salt.

  • Pilaf rice with yogurt
  • Byrek and liquid yogurt
  • Table of varied cheeses and ham of the country.

In Albania there is a lot of variety of fish. I loved the restaurants that are also fishmongers, you choose the fish, shrimp or squid you want, they weigh it and they cook it grilled or baked.


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