Afghanistan cuisine

Asia presents one of the most varied gastronomies in the world, where products such as rice, fish, vegetables, and spices are essential in the cuisine of this continent. It is a gastronomy where exotic, oriental and Hindu cuisine must be highlighted, resulting in exquisite and curious dishes, full of aroma, flavor and color.

Each Asian country has its own cuisine, each region has a certain trend, from the Southeast Asia region to East Asia.

Afghan dishes are essential and nutritious, based on few ingredients, but never monotonous, because the preparation varies from town to town, from house to house.

While a town feast can include a variety of ravioli, brochettes, stuffed aubergines, and the sumptuous pulao , a plate of rice, meat, raisins, and carrots, shepherds on the mountain live on tea, bread, yogurt, and butter. While meat is a luxury reserved for special occasions.


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The gastronomy of Afghanistan

It stands out for products such as rice, wheat, corn, and fruits such as grapes, melons and peaches, apricots, blackberries, and the famous Kandahar pomegranates.

Most typical dish

The pulao, which consists of boiled rice with raisins and carrots. It is usually served with a serving of meat, vegetables, or beans. A variation of this dish is the gabli pulao, which is served with lamb. Soups are also very popular (shorma), as are kebabs.


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