Airlines , are those organizations that are dedicated to the transport of passengers or cargo, and, in some cases, animals, by plane.


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The world of airlines is complex. There are companies that are dedicated to transport passengers and cargo on a regular basis, while there are also other companies that transport their customers or groups of customers in a timely manner agreed between them. The latter companies are called charter .

Many airlines have local government shareholding; They are flag calls or flag lines that generally have a monopoly on local flights. Some countries, such as Japan, have more than one flag bearer, in the case of Japan All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Airlines.

A flag line does not necessarily have to be a totally public company, being it possible to be mixed companies where the state maintains a high participation, for example the case of Aerolineas Argentinas, in which the state owns around 10% of the shareholding before its reestatization.


In general, airlines can be classified according to the size of the network of routes they operate and their frequencies:

  • Regional Airlines:

They operate medium and low capacity airplanes , on short routes or with low demand, or with high frequencies. They generally only make domestic and rarely international flights. Most of the low cost airlines are included in this group.

  • Network Airlines:

They operate a large fleet with many types of aircraft of various sizes, from small regional aircraft to jumbos for transcontinental flights. They are characterized by having a network that combines long-haul flights with medium and short-haul flights, according to the model of “distribution centers” or hubs . Most of the flag and traditional airlines are included in this type.

  • Large scale airlines:

They are mainly engaged in long-term or high density flights between the main international airports in the world. Its fleets are characterized by having large capacity aircraft. It is difficult to classify many airlines in a specific group, since according to their evolution they could belong to several. Many large-scale or network airlines franchise their brand to regional airlines to cover their domestic flight network, especially with airplanes of less than 100 seats.


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