Aggressive advertising: examples

The marketing campaigns are part of the plan to promote products and services. The tone of a campaign can be considered aggressive in the way it presents this new initiative. Generally, this detail is more observable in those firms that have high incomes to invest in advertisements.


Advertising in perfumes

A sector in which this nuance is very present is in the fragrance, since many of these ads that present the new olfactory proposals of the market appeal to the erotic of the sexual in their images.

Shorts of only a few minutes that praise the exaltation of the senses through a story in which the viewer has difficulty observing the logical connection of cause and effect relationship between the advertised product and the medium chosen to do so.

Ads convey values. For this reason, a reading that goes beyond the specific aesthetics of an advertisement allows us to observe this common characteristic in different perfumes.

Thinness in the fashion world

The textile sector is also not without controversy when the issue of extreme thinness becomes an observation of some campaigns of the new catalogs. An obvious contradiction at a time when there is more and more information about the influence that these stereotypes around the image can produce in the self-esteem of younger people.

Object woman

Some ads are questioned by a message that continues to promote the idea of ​​the objectification of women. These types of campaigns tend to have a lot of social impact because of the criticisms they receive by violating female dignity and perpetuating sexist roles.

From any point of view, it should be remembered that brands have an ethical responsibility in the campaigns they promote because the message sent has an effect on society.

Anti-smoking advertising

From another point of view, this type of marketing can also be the tone chosen to raise awareness in society about a health issue, such as quitting smoking. Some anti-tobacco advertising campaigns are committed to the impact by exposing information that really calms the viewer. For example, by expressing what are the damages derived from this habit in health. A direct message for smokers, but also to promote prevention.

These impact messages have also been present in some of the awareness campaigns on the urgency of avoiding speed or alcohol consumption at the wheel, because the road death drama is a real event.

Advertising can not only be oriented to show the incentive of a new interesting product. Marketing can also be born from an awareness campaign on a topic of first necessity. In that case, the aggressiveness inherent in the campaign is related to the hardness of the issue it is dealing with and with which it chooses to highlight that issue that is there but that sometimes seems to be in the background.

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