Types of subsidies for the family business

Financing is very important for the implementation of a project that requires a specific investment. The family business is an essential structure in the business fabric. The family has the authority to direct the project with competence and authority because it has the material power to do so. This project is materialized through a legal form of Public Limited Company or Limited Company. What types of grants offer support in this direction?


Generational relief

There is a moment that can be critical on a personal level in relation to the impact that professional life has on the present and the future of the protagonist. When a person approaches the time of retirement, he has to make decisions about his business.

The entity’s dream of continuity is at the heart of many entrepreneurs. In that case, the possibility arises of opting for a generational relief plan that facilitates an action sheet with which to materialize this change while the idea remains in essence.

Some family businesses have a history that lies in the culture of the place where they have developed their commercial activity through a corporate biography that in some cases can exceed 100 years of achievements. The impulse to this generational change is especially important because it values ​​such a significant type of project in which the commercial and emotional is present.

Make retirement support compatible with business activity

The person has the opportunity to continue participating in their business reconciling this measure with the collection of a part of their retirement pension. This initiative has been very important for many people who, despite having reached the age at which others say goodbye to their working lives forever, still feel valid to deal with some of the business issues.

However, to qualify for this right, the person must be well informed of all the conditions that must be met in their case to respect the current legality.



Bonus for hiring relatives

The essence of family businesses is that their members not only share a business objective, but also bonds of love in their private lives. Companies of this nature can benefit from support for hiring loved ones.

This has been a very important turning point in the workforce of the family business to be able to offer employed employment to hired family members. This support also applies to children who have some type of disability recognized with a degree of 33% or higher.

Tax advantages

Another of the added values ​​in the management of a company of this nature is the access to a series of fiscal advantages in the Patrimony tax, as well as in the one of Inheritance and Donations.

The struggle of the family business to overcome the difficulties present in the market is a constant one. For this reason, subsidies increase their commercial resilience to consolidate as a benchmark in their niche.


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