Advantages of working during the winter season

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  • Advantages of temporary work in winter
  • What are the most popular winter jobs?
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Summer is a season in which we receive a great flow of tourists and, therefore, the perfect time to search and quickly find seasonal work. Our latest study indicates that the demand for hospitality personnel grows up to 23% in summer compared to other periods. In any case, it is not the only season in which you can look for temporary work, and winter is also one of the favorite times for tourists, especially motivated by the Christmas holidays and the practice of activities related to snow.

Advantages of temporary work in winter

When we talk about temporary work we refer to all those contracts with a certain duration. The times where the largest contracts of this type are usually concentrated in the summer, Easter and the Christmas and snow holidays. What benefits does temporary work in winter bring?

  • A greater job offer

There is a greater demand for professionals for various reasons:

  1. First, January is a month when a large number of offers are posted because it is generally when hiring budgets are approved.
  2. Likewise, with the beginning of the new year many start new purposes, such as the search for a new professional opportunity, and there is a lot of employee turnover and the opportunity to find a new position.
  3. Winter is also a time of increased tourism, due to the Christmas holidays and snow tourism, which leads to a demand for personnel in mountain resorts, ski resorts, etc.
  • Faster selection processes

Generally at the beginning of the year it is not usually a vacation time as general as summer can be, so the hiring processes are usually faster. Similarly, another reason why the process is faster is because many times only the technical skills to develop the work during the season are sought , and not those soft skills or cultural fit that is sought in a long-term contract, where it is key for that person to adapt and get involved in the team.

  • The possibility of trying something new.

The fact that it is not a job for a long period can be an opportunity to live a first work experience in a new field for you before knowing if you want to dedicate yourself permanently to it or to gain new and specific professional skills.

  • An extra source of income

For workers it can be a source of extra income and for those without a permanent job a great financial help while looking for a long-term and permanent job.

  • Work and personal flexibility

They allow you to carry out other types of activities at the same time and not commit to a company. Likewise, the variety and quantity of temporary jobs are greater than those of permanent jobs.

What are the most popular winter jobs?

As we mentioned in the previous point, all jobs related to snow activities skyrocket, and similarly, that of establishments related to the activity (hotels, restaurants, etc.).

The positions in demand in ski resorts are many and varied: monitors, commercials, waiters, cleaning staff, etc. and the more adventurous can explore the option of looking for work at stations outside their country, such as Canada.


The receptionist is the face of the hotel and the main contact with the tourist. They are in charge of managing the entire tourist reservation, from their request, their stay and their departure. It is extremely important to select personnel with very good communication skills, who are helpful, empathetic, social and with management skills so that the reservation and processing of tourist information is done quickly and efficiently.

Its functions include: booking management, attending to any tourist request and doubt during their stay and offering tourist information if necessary.

You can see all the job opportunities as a receptionist here.

Cleaning staff

They are in charge of keeping the rooms and common spaces clean and tidy, ensuring that they are in accordance with company and brand standards; You must also change the bedding, vacuum, clean the dust and replace and supply the guests with the amenities.
They generally work from early morning until late.

For the more adventurous, as we mentioned before, this can be a great opportunity to work in another part of the world, since it is not necessary to have a good level of languages ​​to perform these functions.

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This is one of the most popular hospitality jobs, and according to an article, 12% of contracts made in Spain are for a waiter.

As a waiter, it is very important to have a passion for working in front of the public and to be willing to serve them. As it is a position in which the contact with the client is constant, it is required to have great social and communication skills, which usually require having at least two languages, local and English as an international language. Work can be serving tables in a restaurant or at a bar in a bar. Other positions derive from him such as the barman (who is dedicated to preparing combinations of drinks) and maître (head waiter and who is in charge of running a restaurant).

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The kitchen is one of the areas with the most demand for personnel, where they look for cooks, chefs, dishwashers, etc.

They are in charge of the preparation and preparation of the dishes in the kitchen and are the ambassadors of the gastronomy, service and philosophy of the establishment. Among its tasks are the production of the dishes, the collaboration in the organization of the kitchen and compliance with the rules of hygiene, health and safety of the kitchen, supply operations, etc. The position you can choose will depend on your experience and language level. If you don’t have languages, starting as a kitchen assistant can be a good first option, since anyone with a lot of interaction with the client will require the local language or at least English as an international language.

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Ski instructors and entertainers

The ski instructor is an essential figure in all seasons, although it is not the only leisure option that guests seek in this type of getaway. Another type of programming and the professionals related to them are also in great demand, such as all those for children’s entertainment or night entertainment such as singers and dancers.

For these positions it is important to be empathetic, sociable and creative and to enjoy dealing with people.

Spa staff and masseuse

Hotels and resorts also offer Spa or gym services to their clients. It is for this reason that profiles of masseurs, personal trainers, etc. they are also sued.

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Most popular locations

The most popular winter employment locations are, especially those related to skiing. All those stations in the Pyrenees, both those in Andorra and those on our side of the border are looking for staff to work on the premises. Formigal or Sierra Nevada are some of the most popular. Similarly, all businesses related to them and the surrounding towns will also seek personnel to be able to offer service to visitors.


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