Here are 5 tips to make you look beautiful without makeup

No need to make makeup all the time to look beautiful. The skin and hair become so radiant that by following certain things in daily life, the beauty of make-up also means to her.

Be beautiful

You can be beautiful without makeup if you follow some routine. Healthy body, fine figure and healthy skin – If these three are not needed for a foundation-compact. Light cajol and muted lip glossy is enough. Find out how to make yourself beautiful without makeup –

3) Get 3 hours sleep every day. The digestion will be good only if the body is resting properly, the bowel will be clean and the skin will look bright. Eye pockets will be created when sleep is low, various rashes will come out of the mouth. Then you have to do makeup to cover them.

2) Mast bathing with soap once a day in winter and twice a day in summer. The skin will be clean only if scrubbing the face and whole body once a week.

3) Every morning, after drinking a cup of boiling water mixed with a pot of lemon juice, the toxins of the body will be removed and the skin will be bright.

5) Nutritional Susam Diet is the key to beautiful skin. As far as frying, fast food, junk food, cooking with extra spices, the skin will be better as far as it is concerned.

3) The habit of giving a hand to the face for no reason should be avoided. How many different places we put our hands all day long. Therefore, the hand contains the most germs and is spread on the skin of the mouth as soon as the mouth is given.

3) D-Tan Pollution Facial should be done once in two months. It also cleanses the skin of many deep layers of skin and leaves the skin naturally radiant.

3) Soap or bodywash can not be used when washing face. Only face wash with facewash. Do not wipe the face with rubbing with any wipe. And after washing the face, lightly wipe with towel.

4) Cleansing-toning-moisturizing mast before bedtime every night. If you follow these three steps daily, you will not be able to get any dirt on the skin. Moreover, if you have to make good makeup before going to sleep, sleep only.

3) Night cream must be applied before bedtime. Overnight cream is rubbed in the face while waking up in the morning and you will see that the skin is moist and soft. Those who obey this rule are late in coming to Bolirkha.

4) Occasionally, hair massage should be spa. The skin on the face is sometimes seen as a small acne rash that is used for cough. If the root of the hair is clean, it will not. Moreover, even if the hair is good, it will enhance the beauty by adapting to a beautiful face.


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