What do employees really think of their managers?

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  • What perception do employees have of their bosses?
  • But what behaviors are the most bothersome to workers?
  • So what is going wrong?

The relationship between employees and managers is vital for a team to function and achieve many successes. That is why, from Turijobs, we have wanted to investigate what type of relationship exists between managers and employees in order to show the importance of having a team that believes in their superior.

What perception do employees have of their bosses?

A  70%  of respondents  considered their  manager  as a person competent  and to learn, but at the same time, more than half of employees believe they are  egocentric  and  stressed . This fact can directly affect the work environment of the teams and consequently the results.

It should be noted that  the actions carried out by managers with their teams are quite aligned with what their superior’s employees value most . For half of the workers, creating a good team spirit is what they value most in a manager; followed by being able to learn from their knowledge in order to grow professionally, and finally have a clear idea of ​​what they expect from him / her.

In the same vein, we have priorities for team leaders:  82% try to create good team spirit , 76% share their knowledge with their employees and 54% try to give  feedback  on their work.

But what behaviors are the most bothersome to workers?

Most employees are very affected by the fact that their boss only highlights the negative aspects of their jobs and that the positive things they do are not valued. In addition, favoritism and claiming other people’s work are other two factors that bother them the most.

Although managers have a very good perception of their work,  92% think they are doing a good job as a team leader , the truth is that the results show that … they are not doing as good a job as they think.

More than half  of the respondents say that their  manager  does not take time for them  and 54% do not feel that they care about their professional growth. This attracts attention with the actions that managers are supposed to carry out with their teams, since most stated that they were concerned about the professional growth of their employees.

So what is going wrong?

Although it is true that there are infinite causes for which an employee may have a good or bad relationship with his superior, we could affirm that the fact that  71.4% of those responsible have not received  any type of  training on how to manage a team  It directly damages the relationship between employee and manager, and as a consequence can lead to the flight of talent.

There are more and more cases in which a worker leaves his job because of his manager and not because he no longer likes his functions. In fact, in the tourism sector,  1 in 4 employees claim to have left their job because of their  manager  and 1 in 5, indicates that they have had nightmares because of their boss.


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