Activities that Destroy the Environment

Factors Threatening and Degrading the Surrounding Environment

Man is the main threat and predator of nature or the surrounding environment at the same time. To put their own health and the quality of life of present-future generations at risk. For this reason, it is very important to know the main factors, activities and projects likely to degrade the environment.

What are the Susceptible Activities of Degrading the Environment

Are those actions, activities, factors and projects that exceed the established legal limits; and impact on natural resources and generate environmental problems that weaken the quality of life.

Activities Susceptible to Degrade the Environment

The main alteration factors:

Those that pollute the air, water, soil, flora, fauna. As well as hydrological, climatic, geomorphological and edaphological conditions. In addition the cultural, natural and landscape heritage.

Additionally, fixed sources of pollution, inefficiency in waste management, erosive processes, noise, annoying or harmful odors. Also residual liquid tributaries, deforestation, pollutants, hazardous wastes, ozone-depleting substances, refrigeration systems or equipment.

Likewise, the industrial, oil, mining, domestic, agricultural, agricultural, political, cultural, atmospheric and human health impact.

Consequences of Activities Susceptible to Degrade the Environment

The main effects are: ( environmental deterioration, pollution, loss of biodiversity, diseases, greenhouse gases, degradation of the ozone layer, overheating of the planet, changes in weather patterns, depletion of natural resources, ecological imbalances , weakening of health and many other impacts on the planet in general.

Measures and alternatives to Susceptible Activities to Degrade the Environment

The main solutions and preventive measures are: (training and environmental education, responsible lifestyle, sustainable consumption, organic farming, recycling, sustainable technology, reducing overpopulation, environmental legislation, evaluation or environmental impact studies to prevent, identify, mitigate , correct, quantify and counteract the effects of a project on the physical-social environment).

Finally, human beings influence the deterioration of the environment 🙁 generation of solid waste, plastic consumption, water pollution, oil spills, burning of fossil fuels, water eutrophication, destruction of ecosystems, deforestation, indiscriminate hunting , fire , other . each of these activities generate an anthropogenic environmental impact, altering the vital elements of nature and impact on the health of every being.

Susceptible Activities to Degrade the Environment; environmental impact of human actions or projects in relation to the surrounding environment

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