Top 10 accounting software

Today we will see some of the best accounting software for to carry out the accounting management of the company.There are various programs or software to successfully complete this process.

The best accounting software

> DelSol Software. Includes ContaSOL, FactuSOL and NominaSOL applications. It is the one that you will learn to use in our Administration and Finance Degree. This software package includes all the tools necessary to have control of the official accounting, treasury, payroll, tax returns, etc., of a company, business or tax consultancy.

> Achievement. It is a comprehensive management software in the cloud, created by the PSL company. This software allows you to manage accounting, sales, inventories, electronic invoicing, customers and suppliers. Since it works in the cloud, you can access all the information wherever you are and with any device.

> Contalux. Interesting software to manage the accounting of your business. It allows to carry out exports in excel of balances, daily and greater book, list of accounts, among others.

> Secop. Very useful software to carry out an exhaustive inventory control. You can register your products, sales, purchases, add the price list, generate a stock report and much more.

> Alvendi. Like the previous one, it serves to manage inventories. Its interface is friendly, making it simple and practical to record purchases, product entries, sales and departures.

> Moyex. With this software you will be able to control work orders such as date, client, observations, delivery (yes / no), work object data, etc.

> Cegit. Specific software to control the income and expenses of your business.

> Prestacob. Other specific software in this case to keep track of loans and their repayments.

> Factool. A tool that is limited to keeping the record, printing and consulting the invoices issued by your company.

> Secomat. If you have a cellar, this software is designed for you. With it you can manage the products, articles and materials of your business.

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