Accounting Analyst, what does an accounting analyst do?

The accounting analyst is the professional responsible for guiding and performing tasks related to analysis, classification and accounting reconciliation in order to promote the demand for payments and receipts. In addition, this is the professional who prepares balance sheets and balance sheets, prepares accounting reports and makes a vertical and horizontal analysis of expenses and equity accounts related to the fixed assets of the company for which he works.

The basic training of this professional is the higher course in Accounting Sciences. This course has the following subjects in the curriculum:

  • Cost accounting
  • Statistic
  • Tax law
  • Financial math
  • Cost analysis
  • Business budget
  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Accounting audit
  • Strategic cost management
  • Social responsibility accounting
  • Strategic planning
  • Logistic costs
  • Constant Currency Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Marketing administration
  • Commercial contracts
  • Capital market
  • Economic engineering, etc.

In addition, the professional is expected to be objective, have quick thinking, have advanced knowledge in mathematics and in Excel.

The accounting analyst can work in the accounting area of ​​small and large companies. He can also act autonomously as a business consultant giving his opinion on the cost of projects for a certain company, or even holding public positions in the Court of Auditors and municipal governments,

The Accounting Analyst is the professional responsible for guiding and performing tasks related to analysis, so it is the Accounting Analyst who controls the accounts of an organization.
An Accounting Analyst is responsible for studying the entire assets of an organization, he or she guides and performs activities related to analysis, classifications and accounting and financial reconciliations to generate the company’s payment and receipt process.

What areas within a company does an Accounting Analyst relate to?

The Accounting Analyst for being the professional responsible for guiding and performing tasks related to analysis, controlling an organization’s accounts, relates to the entire financial area within a company.

Desired Training of an Accounting Analyst

  1. – Graduation Accounting Sciences.
  2. – Economic Sciences.
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