Accelerated thinking syndrome, what is it?

You have probably heard about the Accelerated Thinking Syndrome (SPA), a speeding up of thought that assails and wears us out. But what is this syndrome ? As the name says, it is a “flood” of thoughts that invade our mind and, due to the large volume and the accelerated way in which they happen, they generate stress and  mental exhaustion , which result in mental and physical tiredness, white memory, forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating, falling sleep quality , difficulty relaxing and slowing thoughts.

It can also reach the body, with headaches, muscle pain (due to tension), stomach pains and even hair loss. How much for a simple syndrome, isn’t it? The question is the brain, which controls our life, it is the great ruler of the body and, when it is sick, the whole body feels it. And our thoughts happen in our brain, he is the first to wear out of this frantic way of living developed by human beings in response to the world.

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This syndrome was the result of the clinical observation of the psychiatrist Augusto Cury, who came to the conclusion that many of his patients have something common, a restless mind, could not stop thinking. According to him, all this is the result of the excesses which we live, the stimuli we receive daily and constantly of society , whether they are the result of work, relationships affective and social, as well as, and perhaps more importantly, the entertainment and the relationship developed with technology – WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook – with news, videos, photos and everything that fits inside a small device that has stolen the human being from himself. The point is that SPA becomes a great agent for the development of a very common disorder in Brazil: theanxiety . Thus, we build a snowball from our way of relating to things and people, which, in the end, becomes a great avalanche that swallows and kills us, as it deprives us of living the best of life.

What to do to minimize the SPA?

Start a new activity such as learning a new sport or a new musical instrument, which does not generate a mandatory relationship, such as learning to speak English. Minimize external, audible and visual stimuli; reduce the time spent on the internet, but when using it, be focused, do not leave several windows open, doing one activity at a time, nor spend a lot of time on social networks . Seek to perform in-person social activities, be whole with people, that is, not be with them, but concerned with WhatsApp messages.

In fact, the best thing to do at this moment is to know how to prioritize your life, knowing that a person is more important than anything, more important than the telephone and the internet, because they are things and not people; and if necessary, take a break from those stimuli that make you sicker than they favor you. Have courage and do it, disconnect yourself, so that you have the strength to connect with you and with life, slowing down the mind and living life lightly.


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