What to do at the time of anger?

Emotions sound the classified from various origins and intensities, which can be primary, secondary and tertiary. The anger is one of the emotions most basic and simple, present in every human being, and is in the category of primary emotions. Although a emoçã the basic and present in all of us, it is important to understand that as human beings, we are endowed with neurological mechanisms to carry out the control of this anger .

Many people are uncomfortable and guilty about feeling angry; p pray, the best we can do is not to blame for feeling it, it is a situaçã the we all feel. It will be a problem when the intensity and actions of anger  become a problem in daily relationships .

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The anger manifested forward to an event that is able to trigger it, or a thought, which evaluates a situaçã the and makes a interpretaçã the that fact, can interpret it as a provocaçã the , with Enta the this behavior . The body begins to experience unpleasant sensations.

Mechanisms of rabies

Enta the if we could summarize how is the mechanism of anger , it works like this:

– there is a interpretaçã the fact as one provocaçã the;
– the body functioning undergoes changes: Tense the , anxiety , suffocation, Heart the fast, tense muscles;
– anger is expressed “outwards” with words, gestures, etc. or “inside” with Shake the , pain etc.

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Learn to recognize

To understand and deal with it, it is important to recognize a few steps:

– Recognize anger and the situations that generated it;

– Try to change the interpretaçã the the fact, that is, to understand that not everything is a provocaçã it, and though it may be, you can see the situation differently. The more ill feelings put in situaçã the more we will feel bad, more anger will. There is made a continuous cycle to feed it;

– Physical reactions usually come at the end of situaçã the , so if you are, for example, with a lot of anger and need to talk to someone, you can afford to move away from that moment until you can calm down;

– Mastering it in getting it is easier than allowing yourself to be tamed by it;

– When you notice all the physical and emotional signs of anger , stop, breathe slowly, and this will help you to lower your heart rate. Avoid making decisions or talk about the subject, so certainly the emotions will speak the highest, and may even harm your relationships and increase the emotional distress;

– Evaluate your actions, your way of acting with the other, take a look wider on situaçã the and Will not the just about the that the irritated;

– Note also “be angry” is a Padra the behavior and emoçã the constant in his life. Did you have always angry reactions, full of anger ? We often learn to relate to life in this way. Other times, the united irritability to anger can be an indicator of Questa the of health more complex, Enta the , it’s worth doing this exercise autopercepçã the .

In this sense, the problem is not to be angry , but to let that state extend and become fixed in you. When we see, simple things vain the in angering and becoming a rage without end. By bringing the situations to a rational analysis, we improve our self-knowledge and, with this, we avoid situations of stress , wear and tear with you and with others.


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