What Is Ableism;Why You Need To Learn About Ablism

The term “ableism”can be desribed as discrimination, abusive behavior or a belief that people with disabilities are inferior to others. It is a practice where people are judged by physical, mental and social status. Disability may exist from the birth of man. Moreover, physical, and mental disorders leads to disability of man.

What Is Ableism;Why You Need To Learn About Ablism

How To Remove Ableism In Society;

These Steps can help disabled people to participate well in society and get respect and dignity in community. We need to meet needs of each individual in society it is our shared responsibility. There is no fixed formula for to meet the needs disabled people.

Increased flexibility in working hours or breaks;

We should provide written materials, those who are deaf and cannot hear so that they can contribute in the public meetings.

Installation of automatic doors and toilets

Installation of automatic doors and toilets designed for people with disabilities must be available in the workplace or in common areas.

You are still obliged to find and perform the next best step

Being a disabled person, you must Tell your employer, union, or provider what your disability needs are. Provide information about your disability related needs, including medical advice or other expertise when needed.

As A Employer; What Should you do to meet the Needs of Disabled?

Play an active role in finding solutions to try to meet the needs of the individual. Deal as quickly as possible with petitions that are arranged to meet your needs. Respect the dignity of the petitioner, and keep the information secret. You should Pay the cost of arranging to meet the needs, including payments for necessary medical advice or materials, or the opinions of other professionals.

People with disabilities may have mental disorder because of inferiority complex. When people with disabilities think about disability,, often fear and hatred arises: They may say these sentences; If I had to live like this, So I kill myself. That is why; We all need to learn about ablesim. Ableism is a learned process, which allows us to reconnect the disabled person.

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