What Is Altruism;Why It Is Important In Our Society

Altruism is a solid principle which indicates the desire to take an interest in someone else’s welfare. The word altruism comes from the French word altruism, which means “from the other”.Altruism is a natural phenomenon of human being that comes with love, respect, empathy and compassion without any cost.

Psychologists, claims that altruistic attitude is very important in society. It must be appreciated in every sector.

Why We Need Altruism In Our Society?

Being a member of the family, there is need to have peace, justice and equality. So someone should sacrifice for spreading these feeling among them. .For a couple (a family) a passion of cooperation is needed. It is essential to control egoism and make altruism is successful strategy.

There are many attitudes that usually accompany altruism, that is, they are those that deal with ethical and moral behavior. Such attitudes should be mentioned, such as: compassion, love for others, empathy, solidarity, etc. Likewise, there are attitudes and behaviors that are opposed to altruism and some of them may be selfishness, individualism, and the pursuit of self-satisfaction regardless of the needs of others. We need to get rid of these.

Examples of Altruism In Our Society

Nowadays, kindness is a only feeling which we need most and that we are looking for more. Altruism is not a unique feature of the human being, it can also be found in animals. Altruism has already been verified in birds (crows, for example) and in mammals. An example of an altruistic animal is the dolphins, which helps and protect a man by predators (such as sharks Attack).

Examples of everyday life

  • The student who helps his or her classmates is a clear example of an altruistic person. Missionaries who are working for oppressed peoples are the real example of altruism.
  • A father who scarifies his whole life for the future of his children is true example of altruistic behavior.

The fundamental categories of altruism

According to everyday doctrine, altruism can come in three fundamental categories: attachment, veneration, and goodness. If people knew the true meaning of what it is to be altruistic, probably many concepts of society would be modified. The term altruism was created by the French philosopher Auguste Comte, to describe the opposite of selfishness. It is a term that sounds good and seems to combine with light and positive words like generosity, kindness and solidarity.

By the Law of Nature, a great natural exercise of altruism is the act of becoming mother and father. The human being has children to give love and affection and to give up of their own interests and time to offer life to the son.

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