9 Types of Diseases Affected by Employees

Every person who works, of course, has experienced extraordinary activities so that they only focus on work. If so, sometimes forget about eating and drinking which should be a part of your body.

When this busyness has become daily “ food ”, it can affect mentally and physically. In addition to stress due to work that is not finished, it can make you physically tired so that your endurance decreases.

If this condition has decreased, then it is very susceptible to contracting various diseases. It’s not just a cold cough that you experience, the bad news of other serious illnesses can befall you when you are overworked.

Then, what illnesses do employees experience? And how do you handle it? Here’s the review!

Get to know the various types of diseases experienced by employees

1. Kidney Stones

Most office employees work in air-conditioned rooms, because the cool room often makes them forget to drink.

Not only that, when work has accumulated, you are lazy to get out of your seat and are even willing to hold your urine because you have to finish your job.

From the above habits, if done repeatedly, kidney stones will arise.

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The chances of getting the disease above will be even greater if you often consume foods that are high in calcium, contain oxalic acid or are insoluble in the body, and foods that contain lots of animal protein.

The characteristic of someone affected by this disease is that they will feel great pain when urinating.

The disease can be cured using ultrasonic waves if the size is still small.

However, if it is too big it can be removed by surgery.

Therefore, if you don’t want to suffer from kidney stones, the small steps you can take are drinking a lot, moving frequently, and don’t be too stressed or serious about doing your work.

2. Ulcer

The next disease that employees experience is ulcers. The cause of ulcers itself is not because you delay eating or not eating at all, but because of an arbitrary diet and a bad lifestyle.

For example, on that day you have to complete a work deadline, automatically throughout the day will be in front of the office screen to complete the task.

If so, lunch time will be neglected. If you remember eating, you will usually eat a little or just eat the snacks in front of you.

Or it could be just drinking coffee or other drinks to block your hunger and then forgetting to eat because your hunger has passed.

Well, look at the example of the case above, you can not imagine that if this is done repeatedly, it will certainly cause stomach ulcers.

The characteristics of someone who has an ulcer are as follows;

  • Bloated
  • Easy full
  • Burp often
  • Nausea when eating
  • Decreased appetite because the stomach hurts
  • Lose weight
  • Increased stomach acid

If the above characteristics have appeared on you, immediately see a doctor. Also, avoid foods that are spicy and contain lots of acid.

For the time being, don’t drink caffeinated, fizzy, and alcoholic drinks as this will make your illness worse.

3. Heart Disease

Based on research conducted in the United States, the risk of heart disease and stroke will increase 80% due to working overtime or the equivalent of employees who work 55 hours per week compared to those who work 35-40 hours per week.

This means that the more often you spend time overtime, the more susceptible it is to heart disease.

This can happen due to high work pressure, which causes you to become stressed. Then it can also happen because of a bad lifestyle and too much sitting compared to exercising.

Heart disease is highly affected in women. Therefore, if you experience the following symptoms, you should watch out for it because you may have a heart attack.

The symptoms referred to are as follows;

  • Often Pain in the neck, jaw, and surroundings
  • Excessive sweating
  • Frequent shortness of breath and no history of asthma
  • Often Fatigue
  • Chest pain such as pressure or being crushed by a hard object

If you already see the characteristics above, immediately check yourself into the office and then adjust your lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle.

4. Obesity

Obesity occurs not only because of heredity but also due to eating too much that is not healthy and rarely exercising.

The characteristics above are usually owned by almost every employee who often calls him super busy.

In the midst of the busy life, the excuse is that he cannot exercise because he is already tired of doing office work. In addition, eating irregularly and eating carelessly.

If this continues, it can cause you to be obese or too fat.

Obesity occurs because there are too many carbohydrates in the body so that it is too filled with sugar. Especially if you are a sleep deprived person, your body’s ability to process sugar becomes worse, which can lead to obesity and diabetes.

If at this time your bada weight is far from normal, you should immediately do a proper diet so that your body is not too fat.

Currently there are many diet methods that are used by many people. But what is certain and easy to do is avoid flour and sugar because it will make you gain weight.

The key is to eat, natural foods such as vegetables, fruits, and animal and vegetable protein that have not been processed into other foods.

5. Typhus

The next disease that employees are prone to is typhus. This disease can occur due to the presence of salmonella typhi bacteria which comes from unclean food or drinks.

Based on data from various sources, most of the typhus patients are employees because it can be seen from the payment data that are all made by the company.

This indicates that because of their busy life, the food intake they consume may not be healthy food and dominate the snacks that enter their bodies.

Actually, the disease can be overcome as long as you have a good immune system. However, being too busy working, a lot of work pressure, stress, fatigue, can cause your immune system to decrease.

When that happens, the bacteria in one bite of food can make you contract typhus and have to be hospitalized for 7 days or more.

6. Hemorrhoids

This hemorrhoid disease is very susceptible to occur in office employees. This is because employees stand or sit too much, lack fibrous food, drink very little, and too often lift too heavy weights.

This disease is usually characterized by a lump around the anus so that it will bleed when the fruit is stool. In addition, this hemorrhoid disease will provide discomfort when sitting.

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Therefore, if employees who work in the office are indicated that they have the above disease, immediately consult a doctor or change your lifestyle with lots of fibrous food, drink lots of water, don’t sit too long, exercise regularly, then don’t often. hold back when you want to defecate.

If you hold too often, it will make the stool hard and difficult to pass, as a result you have to push firmly when defecating.

7. Insomnia

Another disease that employees often suffer from is insomnia. The cause of insomnia is due to the inner compulsion to withstand sleepiness in order to complete the task before the deadline.

Therefore, in order to stay awake, employees will more often consume drinks containing caffeine. In addition, there are those who counter it by smoking.

Keep in mind, if you consume these two things frequently, it will make your resting pattern irregular and invite various other diseases to land on the body.

If you really have to be in the office for a long time and have to work overtime, try not to “ torture ” yourself by eating bad food.

Working hard is required, but you must be able to work smartly so that the work you do can be enjoyed without having to be sick.

Therefore, no matter how much you work, try to maintain a good lifestyle and don’t forget to take a break.

The way to deal with insomnia is to exercise, stop smoking, avoid caffeine, eat dinner 2-3 hours before bedtime, don’t stress, and avoid hanging out at night.

8. Spondylitis

The name of this disease may sound foreign to your ears. However, this disease is very “ familiar ” on the bodies of employees.

This disease is a non-specific type of back pain that is much more serious than ordinary back disease because it is difficult to cure.

This disease occurs when you are too often working behind a desk or at a computer for hours without adequate and adequate rest.

The disease arises from getting too much pressure so that the bones will swell and are at greater risk for cervical spondylitis.

A person suffering from this disease will not be able to move freely and when it is severe, can only be bedridden.

As for preventing this disease are as follows;

  • Quit smoking
  • Consumption of calcium to prevent osteoporosis
  • Do not consume alcohol
  • Increase vegetables and fruits
  • Drink lots of water, 2 liters per day
  • Cut down on sugar and foods that contain lots of preservatives.

This disease cannot be underestimated, if the characteristics of the disease above are felt immediately consult a doctor.

9. Diabetes

The next disease experienced by employees is diabetes or high blood sugar. This disease can infect employees because they spend hours sitting.

The habit of sitting too long can reduce the ability of the hormone insulin. If glucose cannot be processed properly in the body, it will remain in the blood.

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So that this glucose cannot be converted into energy and is very risky for causing diabetes.


That is the information about the 9 types of diseases that are experienced by employees. Hopefully the above can be useful for you and you will be more careful about what you consume and change your lifestyle for the better.


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