10 ways to get employees to stay overtime

Basically, every employee who works is not happy to overtime, unless the employee is a workaholic who has dedicated his work to work.

It’s just that, the type of workaholic employees on this earth is less than employees who want to work normal hours without overtime.

Even so, inevitably every employee has or is certain to undergo overtime, especially if work deadlines are in sight and must be completed.

If employees are already overtime, each leader must ensure that the work done produces good results according to the directions and agreements from the start.

Of course, to produce good results, every employee who works must be in a “ mood ” or not be forced to.

Well, it is the task of the leader that must be able to keep employees in the mood and feel at home for overtime.

It is not impossible, if you apply the following methods or steps!

Steps to Make Employees Work Overtime

1. Providing a Comfortable Workplace

Every employee in the office must have their own work desk. Basically those who have this work desk have indeed found comfort so that they can produce good work results.

However, if you sit too long in that place it will make him bored and bored. Of course this will affect the mood of the employees, so you can be sure that your employees will not work optimally if they are overtime.

To work around this, you must create and provide a special workplace for overtime employees with a comfortable and good atmosphere.

It can be started by decorating a room that is more friendly and relaxing. In addition, the chairs or tables that are used can also be made more comfortable than the usual workplace.

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A workplace that is not monotonous and different than usual can make your employees more productive so that the targets set by the company can be met properly.

2. Give a bonus that is commensurate

Hearing the word fee or salary will definitely make employees excited and can make them even more productive.

Every leader in the company should pay a salary that is proportional to what they do.

Actually, this matter of salary must have been discussed when the employee signed the employment contract at the beginning.

Of course, every leader must pay the salary according to the agreement because it is their right.

So, if employees are given overtime, it is better to give bonuses that are commensurate with what they are doing.

The bonus is given in addition to the basic salary they receive. When this is done and given, employees will feel treated well.

They will not feel in vain for overtime, even when bonuses are given according to their work, employees will go the extra mile and provide the best for the company.

3. Company Bosses Join Overtime

When you often tell employees to be gentle, it’s a good idea as a company leader to join them with overtime too.

Prove that you also care and take part in completing every office work, especially work that is urgent.

Don’t ever think that when you take part in overtime, employees will feel awkward and not free to do work.

On the contrary, they will respect and think of you as more of a leader who cares and is willing to work with you.

Of course, while you are overtime you don’t want to make them “ frightened ” and depressed. In fact, this moment is an opportunity for you to get to know your employees well so that what you direct at them can be understood well too.

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When you join overtime, usually the work can be completed according to the deadline because they really value them as leaders and don’t want to disappoint you.

4. Providing Food to Employees During Overtime

Apart from giving bonuses to employees who are overtime, it’s a good idea to give them food too.

The food given should be healthy food so that their health is guaranteed.

These foods can be in the form of a healthy dinner complete with vegetables and fruits. If you want to give snacks, give healthy snacks too.

Don’t forget to provide a water dispenser or coffee machine so that between them work can make a refreshing drink.

In a way, feeding them will leave a positive impression on them. Employees will feel cared for in terms of health because the leadership provides healthy food.

If you have trouble buying food, of course, you can use a catering service or order via an online application.

Telling employees to overtime for the betterment of the company is good, but it would be better to pay attention to the health of employees first because they are a valuable company asset.

5. Providing Additional Facilities and Entertainment Facilities

In order for overtime to be a fun activity and employees feel at home with it, what needs to be done is to provide additional facilities and entertainment facilities.

These facilities are of course adapted to office conditions and it is also important to select and sort out the importance of these facilities to be used.

The purpose of the facilities and entertainment media is not to make them negligent, let alone not finish their work.

But to reduce employee burnout, if it happens it can have a negative impact on work results.

The entertainment facilities and media include television or smart television, DVDs, speakers, musical instruments, game boards, chess boards, and so on.

If your office is spacious enough, you can add additional facilities, such as a small gym, smoking room, cafeteria, or outdoor space with a beautiful view so that fresh air can enter and make you healthy and not saturated.

6. Make the atmosphere in the office casual and informal

When you work at the time it should be more formal and professional.

Of course, you have to do this atmosphere for 8-9 hours, where it often affects the mood of the employees.

Now, when you tell employees to overtime, it’s a good idea to change the atmosphere at the office to be more relaxed, informal, but still professional.

The easiest way to do this is to allow employees to change into more casual clothes.

In addition, allow employees to play their favorite music, of course, at standard volume without disturbing other employees.

That way, they will not feel pressured and overtime activities will make them feel at home. In fact, maybe they miss the atmosphere and want to come back overtime.

Of course, when the atmosphere is comfortable, the employees will also give the best results for the company.

7. Ensuring Office Facilities Can Be Used

Usually, one of the factors of employees who do not like overtime is because the facilities in the office are inadequate, especially not being used.

Therefore, you as the leader must know and ensure that these facilities can be used.

This includes internet networks, adequate electricity, printers and photocopiers that can be used, to elevators that should still be running.

If this is not paid attention to and even maintenance is not carried out, then you can be sure that your employees will not feel at home for overtime.

Even if they have to work overtime they will work less or less optimally.

8. Leaders Appreciate Employee Performance

In order for employees to feel at home for overtime, the next step that the leadership needs to take is to appreciate their performance.

This may seem trivial, but it can have a good effect on employees.

Employees who have been willing to sacrifice their time should be appreciated because they have contributed to advancing a company.

This appreciation can be in the form of praise, giving bonuses or other facilities, to providing guidance or constructive input for them.

The way to appreciate this if it continues to be implemented will have a good impact on the company and also the leadership because it is considered to have a good reputation and can complete work well and can guide the team towards a better direction.

9. Don’t Too Often Overtime

The next way to make employees feel at home for overtime is not to overtime too often.

The point is, when you have provided adequate facilities and appreciated what they have done, it does not mean that your employees have to overtime often.

Set the schedule in such a way that both the boss and employees know when to overtime or not.

To deliver employee workloads, of course, the leadership, managers, HRD, and related departments must sit together to arrange employee overtime schedules.

Remember, employees also have the right to rest and spend time with their families.

In fact, it would be good if the office management made a rotating overtime schedule.

If this happens, we can be sure that employees will miss the atmosphere of overtime because they get their rights well and their obligations can be fulfilled too.

However, it is better for employees to work in accordance with what the company applies. So that management can apply effective working time for all employees.

10. Provide Additional Leave

As a leader, you can provide overtime to employees if the work is urgent and requires extra handling.

Now, when you “dare” to borrow their additional time, you must also impose additional time off for them.

The goal is that employees can take a short break to increase their energy to be able to complete a better job next time.

Granting additional leave can also be done after they are overtime and have completed their duties properly.

If you cannot provide additional time off for holidays or at the end of the year.
If it is not possible to provide leave, you can impose a day off tomorrow if your employees are overtime on this day.

Or you can invite them to go home early the next day.

Trust me, the appreciation that is done can make employees appreciate you as a leader.

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Of course this appreciation can make employees “ addicted ” to overtime.


Every employee and company leader basically needs each other. The company will not run if there is no skipper who leads the “ journey ”.

However, even the skipper cannot run the boat alone, he needs the crew to inform and help the skipper to act.

The point is, don’t get the leadership too hiring employees arbitrarily if so they don’t feel comfortable working in your company.

Hopefully this information about 10 ways to make employees feel at home for overtime is useful for you.


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