These 8 words negatively affect your life.

A series of phrases and expressions block our path to success. And, as research results prove, successful individuals do not use such sayings in principle. Let’s figure out what negative words interfere with our creative, labor and personal success. Why and how they affect our lifestyle.

Realizing the effect of negative words on your life, you will forever want to get rid of them.

It is important to clearly realize that in our life everything is possible and every event a person forms with his own hands.

No one is safe from anything. But our possibilities are endless. While a person is alive, he is able to change a lot. Each of us has the desire to make our lives more productive, successful and prosperous.

Try to look for the causes of the events at the sources of thoughts expressed verbally. Not only the attitude of others, but also our self-awareness and psychological state depends on what we broadcast using our speech.

The most common negative words

It is imperative to be aware of what words you need to get rid of in your path. What words negatively affect what we do and how we feel. Below are 8 popular phrases that have a negative impact on our lives. Begin to monitor your speech and work to eradicate harmful words from it.

1.        The first expression is “maybe” or “maybe.”

With these words, the path to retreat is veiled . We reserve the “loophole”, the ability to abandon personal intentions. “Perhaps I will begin to lose weight on the first day,” “Maybe I will abandon these relationships after the next quarrel.”

The influence of negative words in this case is clearly visible. With them we cover up our unwillingness to take responsibility. “Let everything be as it will, and perhaps I will change it or adapt to the changes.”

2.        The second expression is tomorrow.

We all know the phrase: “And I’ll think about it tomorrow.” So the main character of the novel “Gone with the Wind” Scarlett O’Harra liked to express. But in order for us not to be carried by the “wind of life”, we need to know how to get rid of pest words.

The situation is familiar when you can complete the task today, but persistently transfer it to tomorrow? So, in 80% of cases, such ideas are never realized. If this is important to you, review your plans and fulfill your intention right there. Perhaps you need to overcome the procrastinator inside yourself. Constant transfers for tomorrow – a typical lover to put off “for sometime”.

3.        The third expression is “never.”

“I will never return to him.” Come back if you feel the hope that everything will change for the better. “I can never hit a man.” Of course you can, if your child is in danger. Life is full of such moments. You can not divide it into black and white fragments. No one is safe from anything. Do not promise.

4.        The fourth word is “future.”

No, it’s not about thinking and talking about the future is harmful. The point is not to assign too much significance to the mythical future, neglecting the present.

For example, “In the future I will become richer.” And what is this long-awaited future? This is a vague concept, as the expected tomorrow will become “today.” We are not able to influence life in the future. All that we can change today, we must do without delay. The “future” may not come, you need to take everything from life in the reality that has been granted to us, here and now. Let it be a small step, but at the moment.

A person who cherishes the idea of ​​a cloudless future, plans to become happier then, to learn, for example, foreign languages ​​in the “future”, probably will never do this.

If he plans real achievements, does not want to wait, and is ready to get results today, then he needs to get rid of the destroyers too now. Learn one or two English words today if you want to not have communication problems in the future. Make a schedule of classes and start them if you intend to lose weight. Do not delay the opportunity to experience happiness in the mythical “future”.

5.        The fifth expression is “sorry that …”.

“What a pity the vacation is over,” “It’s a pity that nothing came of it,” “It’s a pity that I didn’t do this before.”

Regret is the accumulation of negativity that holds in place. This is an obstacle that prevents you from looking forward to move on. Everything that was already passed, ended, stopped. It is necessary to make admiration, excitement or experience out of a moment or a situation. What you could, you have already implemented. The choice, whatever it is, has already been made. And you did it, guided by the circumstances and personal feelings.

It makes no sense to regret what could have happened if you had acted differently. The time machine has not yet been created so that you can go back and rewrite the scenario of events. It happened, otherwise it can no longer be. Therefore, instead of regrets, reflections on the topic “but if everything would have turned out differently” and the words that you are sorry for something, it is better to think about how to get rid of words that cause negative thoughts. The influence of words on thoughts and life in general is enormous! Do not forget about it.

6.        The sixth expression is “not at all.”

Remember that gratitude is preceded by an act. If you are thanked for the help provided by the service, just accept it. You spent your personal time and efforts to help a colleague or friend. The action taken has value. Therefore, “there is a reason”!

Just thank you and say “please.” Otherwise, the people around you will no longer appreciate the help. People quickly get used to the good. And if you “thank you for nothing”, then help will be taken for granted: “For you this is nothing, make a report for me this month as well.”

7.        The negative word number seven is “impossible.”

A person cannot change anything if he does not live or already does not live. In other situations, the phrase “impossible” is an excuse. So we cover our own laziness, indecision, fear. “It is impossible to leave work, because I have no money”, “It is impossible to learn how to swim”, “It is impossible to go on a trip, it’s not for people like me.”

Take, for example, Nick Vuychich. A man without arms and legs learned to swim, became a popular and wealthy person. What to tell you, a full, healthy person? Analyze again whether it is possible to change your life or impossible, and what really stops you.

8.        The eighth expression is “accidental.”

“I accidentally overslept.” But no, you sat on the Internet until 4 o’clock in the morning, instead of lying down at 22 o’clock. It was your conscious choice. By accident, a car may appear due to a turn; accidentally, a brick may fall on its head. But in our everyday life, such “accidents” as a mistake in the report, being late for a meeting are the result of inattention, irresponsibility or laziness. Do not cover your vices with a veil of chance. Such words negatively affect relationships with others, creating a negative connotation.

All of the above negative words prevent us from achieving results. There is no chance, but there is a choice. No tomorrow and then, only here and now. We make our own choices. Only we can change our lives if we start doing this now, and not later. Instead of regret, we set plans for the future. And each “impossible” is defeated by determination and pressure.

All of the above negative words prevent you from achieving results.

There is no chance, but there is a choice. No tomorrow and then, only here and now. We make our own choices. Only we can change our lives if we start doing this now, and not later. Instead of regret, make plans for the future. And defeat every “impossible” with determination and pressure.

Discuss with a psychologist

Knowing which words to get rid of, you will analyze their impact on your life. Now you know that these are not just parasitic words . These are negative attitudes, loopholes that mask our irresponsibility. Until we make a firm decision to make our lives better, we will stagnate. There is no past or future. All that we have is real. Only at a real moment in time can we change, improve, achieve a result. Awareness of the problem is the first step towards fixing it!

How to get rid of words that negatively affect your life?

  • Begin to notice and be aware of what you are saying.
  • Replace negative words with positive connotations.
  • Refuse the particle “not” – our brain does not perceive it.
  • Analyze the effect of words on your life.
  • Say a brightly colored negative word (pain, sadness, experience), be aware of emotions. After that – the most positive (joy, pleasure, warmth). Feel the effect on your emotional state.
  • Set a goal and think about what everyday words characterize its achievement. Use them.


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