8 websites to post free ads

The web pages/websites to publish free ads have become one of the most popular due to the high demand from Internet users. There are many users who buy or sell through the platform and also at low cost. We can put free ads on many pages, let’s see which ones.

Internet can serve us for many things in our day to day, and for example, a very common use is to put ads to sell things or also buy them. That is, it serves as a platform for exchange, sale, rental, supply or demand for services, etc.

Next, we will see a complete list of websites in which we can put ads for the sale of our belongings that we do not want or of which we want to get rid of because they can reach the hands of someone who really takes advantage of them.

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It is one of the most popular due to its easy use from the mobile or tablet and it has an audience of 10 million Internet users per month. Publishing an ad on Wallapop is really simple, we just have to take photos of what we sell and explain what it is.

It also has hundreds of thousands of ads divided into different categories , including leisure and sports, home, electronics, fashion and accessories, articles for children and babies, motor and real estate. We can publish a free ad that will remain active for 2 months , with the possibility of renewal.

Web: Wallapop


Milanuncios has had a really high growth, so much so that it has absorbed Segundamano.com and Vibbo, so now everything belongs to the same owners. It is also considered the largest classified ads website in Spain according to the OJD audience firm.

In Milanuncios.com, more than 100,000 new ads are published per day in categories such as second-hand motorcycles, second-hand cars, second-hand flats, free contact ads, second-hand laptops, job offers, second-hand phones, etc. . An ad can be posted for free.

Web: Milanuncios.com

Almost new

Casinuevo Spain presents a website very similar to Milanuncios, it is a portal where we can publish anything we want to sell or rent, it has more than 500,000 ads throughout Spain distributed in various categories.

More than 1,000 ads are published per day , so you will surely be able to find what you are looking for, also the second-hand market is booming and we could return to the old barter system.

Web: Casinuevo


Idealista is a very popular portal with great publicity in the media. It really is an ad website focused on buying, selling and renting homes . The ads are classified into new construction, homes, offices, premises or warehouses, garages and land. We can post the first two housing ads for free .

You may find the home of your dreams or you want to sell your own house or some property that you have and want to acquire a new one, Idealista is the ideal website to carry out this search.

Web: Idealista

Bulletin board

This free classifieds website features more than 500,000 classified ads for second-hand and second-hand purchases and job vacancies. It is much simpler than the previous ones and we can publish all kinds of ads for free.

We can also locate them by location. It has many categories, so we can specify much more when we publish our ad to sell everything that we do not want and that can have a second life.

Web: Notice board


Vinted is a new project that aims to reinvent classified ads. With a modern interface it allows us to explore between different categories, but only clothing . The platform specializes in the sale of second-hand clothing.

In the app or website we can search for clothes for men, women and children as well as we can publish all that textile that we do not want or that we no longer use so that someone can give it the use that you did not give it.

Web: Vinted


Ads.es is another website where we can post our ads for free. The categories are varied: motor, job offers, courses and books, telephony, home and garden, animals, computers, image and sound, clothing and fashion, services, vacations, sports and adult contacts, among others.

Interestingly they define themselves as “not the web ad second most popular hand wanderings on TV, but they say it is the best free classifieds pages” .

Web: Ads


Although this platform is very young and recent , Eneba has become a reference page for the sale of all kinds of electronic products, such as consoles. It is oriented only to the world of video games. In it you can publish your verified free ads.

It has really good offers, because you can get games with scandal prices, it also has a section in which users can sell their own games. It also has categories for all consoles and a section for gaming equipment for sale.

Web: Eneba

This is the list of the most useful and visited pages in which you can publish a free ad and thus be able to sell everything that you do not use or do not want to be able to give it a second chance because the second-hand market is booming.

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