8 Things to Know for a Beginner

ncrease? Congratulations! You have conquered this bastion and achieved recognition of your professional qualities.

But in order for the tablet with your initials to live a long and happy life on the doors of your personal account, you need to learn a number of important recommendations that will not allow business to turn into a Game of Thrones, and you will not be allowed to fall victim to intrigues in the struggle for leadership.

From the first day of your appointment, you dreamed that you, like Zeus the Thunderer, would command the elements and throw lightnings at your competitors, but much more earthly problems drove you straight from Olympus to a mortal open space.

How to start work for a leader who has received the power, scepter and unlimited power over the team?

  • How to optimize communication with subordinates without feeling constant tension and whispering behind your back?
  • At what point is it necessary to turn on the “Joseph Vissarionovich” regime, and at what point do you put your hands in namaste and become Mahatma Gandhi for colleagues?
  • In the end, how to make office tea / coffee / cookies become an inexhaustible resource?

And then comes the understanding that you are not Zeus, but Hercules, who, before climbing to Olympus, has to make several heroic deeds

Do not teach, but be an example

To begin with, the manager’s behavior – the style of communication with clients, work schedule, fulfillment of obligations – is inherited by most subordinates.

This means that a workaholic boss, an enthusiast and a fan of his craft can inspire the whole team to fulfill the five-year plan in three years, produce brilliant ideas or work with the most difficult people in terms of communication. Well, the opposite option. The more passively, carelessly the leader behaves, the higher the likelihood that subordinates will copy his behavior, relax and turn a working day into a many-hour tea break.

A good leader has a good staff.

Your subordinate should feel at the same time protection, support and control of his actions on the part of the leader.

In such conditions, people perfectly reveal their own potential and are ready to turn mountains. How to achieve this? Firstly, to take an active part in the selection of new personnel – to start going to HR more often than to the dentist, keep a resume file along with a time management book, and call all your insight and intuition for help during interviews. Secondly, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of employees who have been in the team for a long time. Perhaps it’s time for some of them to present the same book on time management.

The boss is the man of the word

It is very important to keep promises and adhere to our principles. If people will know the value of your word, then you will not need to repeat monologues about the observance of deadlines and order at the workplace in the Shakespearean hundredth on the heat.

He said that if you deprive the premium – deprive. He said that if you dismiss for the third truancy – dismiss. Having realized what was said once, in the future you will save your own time and nerves. Six months of such measures – and learn how to Clint Eastwood, to discipline others with one movement of the eyebrows.

The chief is to blame for the poor performance of the task

Work as a leader is impossible without the ability to clearly set tasks and put them in competent formulations. If the task is voluminous, then it must be divided between several people. Of course, given their creativity and performance.

If it is wrong to delegate authority, explain to people what is required of them, and then do not control the progress of work and the result, then the notorious effect of “expectation and reality” is guaranteed. Who will be in charge? Naturally, a manager.

Mr. Selfridge was right!

The most important person for a novice leader should be the client. Yes, that same guy who is always right.

If the boss penetrates this dogma, then it will gradually “infect” the entire team. Customer-oriented employees can easily satisfy the wishes and claims of the most capricious customers. This path is thorny, but over time it will prove its effectiveness.

Knowledge and team spirit

A competent leader is always open to new information and is interested in developing their own employees.

Business trends change faster than the weather, and if you don’t keep up with the times, then in a couple of months competitors will look at you as a flock of petrified dinosaurs, wearing pants and miraculously mastered MS Office.

Therefore, take part in  trainings for training managers who will increase your level of people management. And for employees, organize corporate games, quests and seminars – maybe a business does not bring proper income just because an engineer and a marketer do not shake hands at a meeting.

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For peace and humanism

A wise leader does not suit the autodaf to delinquent subordinates and does not bring their hands to the hole of the included shredder, threatening violence.

If a responsible and talented person ceases to fulfill his functional duties, you need to talk heart to heart with him and figure out the reason. Perhaps it is your participation that will help him overcome the crisis and return him to the workforce.

Encouragement and gratitude

The erroneous opinion that the happiness of any employee is hidden at the bottom of the envelope with money – rich professionals also cry, for example, because they are not doing what they would like.

So the ways of motivation are limited only by your imagination. You can make a surprise in the form of a festive table, hold a corporate party in an incredible place, or arrange in the middle of the work week a joint viewing of The Lord of the Rings with pizza and soda. Such things great increase the loyalty of employees and inspire them to labor exploits.

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