70 ways to escape from thoughts without leaving the room (and 30 – leaving

How to escape from unpleasant thoughts if they took away all physical and moral strength?

You are doing well. You smile and communicate with people, have good results in work, friends, family. But as soon as you are alone with yourself, they appear – overpowering and destructive thoughts. Earlier we talked about how to  stop cheating ourselves  and get rid of obsessive thoughts. And today we will offer 100 practical exercises that will help shift attention to more interesting processes and distract from thoughts.

“Bad thoughts are the suicide of the soul.”
Victor Hugo

70 ways to escape from thoughts while sitting in a room

Some of these activities seem commonplace, some do not want to waste time, others you will notice, because they are “not for you.” It is entirely up to you to try or not. But, believe me, many of them are capable of really directing your thoughts from negative to useful. Yes, and what are you losing?

  1. Get out of the house
  2. Stop lying on the couch and sit at the table
  3. Call parents
  4. Wash the stain on the wall that irritates you for several years
  5. Revise your wardrobe and drawer in your wardrobe
  6. Learn a poem
  7. Make a meal that takes a long time
  8. Take a test in Russian or in physics
  9. Tie a scarf
  10. Build a travel itinerary
  11. Make a genogram of your family or the family tree
  12. Take a serious psychological test and learn more about yourself
  13. Plan the steps to achieve your plan
  14. Bake an intricate cake
  15. Get on the charge and do it for at least 30 minutes
  16. Take a contrast shower
  17. Turn on unfamiliar music and listen to the lyrics
  18. Get down to work tasks that were put off
  19. Write a statement. Yes, just like at school
  20. Play puzzle games
  21. Use your imagination : imagine your perfect day or day from the future
  22. Do meditation
  23. Start writing a story or an autobiography
  24. Do physical work: wash the windows, water the flowers on the windows, clean the pots
  25. Take care of your body: make masks, wraps, warming up
  26. Learn 50 new words in another language and practice using them.
  27. Capture yourself on a video for parents or friends
  28. Make a wish card
  29. Seed germination
  30. Make out your old memories and indulge in nostalgia
  31. Order flower delivery anonymously
  32. Write a letter to your future (s)
  33. Assemble the puzzle
  34. Arrange yourself a photo shoot using the delayed start function on the camera
  35. Buy a coupon on the aggregator website for your favorite entertainment
  36. Take a look at the tutorial
  37. Draw a watercolor picture
  38. See different job openings on sites
  39. Read copyright blogs on topics of interest to you.
  40. Take a stretch, try to sit on the twine
  41. Write 100 facts about yourself
  42. Sing under karaoke video (no one sees you anyway)
  43. Solve a crossword, sudoku or other puzzle
  44. Read different words the other way around
  45. Design your portfolio and refine your resume
  46. Make repairs
  47. Make a detailed diet for the next 2 weeks
  48. Learn a couple of tricks
  49. Make a quest for friends
  50. Do self massage
  51. Watch a documentary
  52. Clean your phone and computer from junk
  53. Boil the soap
  54. Process your photo in Photoshop
  55. Chat on social networks with old friends, while initiating a conversation
  56. Have a romantic evening
  57. Listen to the audiobook
  58. In a gulp look at several episodes of “Friends”
  59. Identify 5 Weekly Required Events
  60. Express your accumulated emotions out loud by saying each
  61. Rearrange furniture
  62. Try to fall asleep to calm music
  63. Decorate your wall with your favorite photos
  64. Suggest
  65. Read verses expressively
  66. Create your own wish-list
  67. List the 10 most significant achievements of the previous year for you
  68. Make an optimal budget for the month
  69. Play attention games
  70. Go consult a psychologist online

Do not leave the room

don’t make a mistake?

How to escape from bad thoughts by going outside

If you still decided to get out of the room, then even the exit itself is already a way to get rid of bad thoughts. And then it’s still easier and more effective!

  1. Take a ride on public transport
  2. Go to the cinema or theater
  3. Chat with a new person
  4. Go to the parents
  5. Go for a run
  6. Buy a ticket for the nearest train in any direction
  7. Offer help to a passerby or grandmother on the street
  8. Cut or change your look
  9. See a doctor
  10. Embark on a journey along the constructed route
  11. Go to the zoo
  12. Feed the ducks in the park
  13. Take a psychological training game
  14. Go to a classical concert
  15. Head to the pool
  16. Set a goal, for example, to visit 3 museums per day, and achieve it
  17. Buy a city tour
  18. Have breakfast outdoors or in the cafe on the terrace
  19. Read a book in the park
  20. Go to the cottage and weed the beds
  21. Play board games (even with strangers)
  22. Take a ride on a ferris wheel eating boiled corn
  23. Go to church, cathedral or chapel
  24. Take a walk along the street, taking bread for pigeons with you
  25. Fireworks
  26. Go to a tango trial session
  27. Become a volunteer for at least a day
  28. Go on a blind date
  29. Go to the bathhouse or sauna
  30. Go for soccer, hockey, volleyball

This is an endless list. And you can make it even more effective for yourself personally. Its essence is that it is not so difficult to distract from thoughts that corrode your mood and psychological state. You just need to start doing something. And what exactly to do – you choose


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