10 common mistakes that leaders make time and time again

The person of the leader has long become a byword. Subordinates regularly (and on weekends and after work – twice as intense) discuss their boss. But there are other allergens because of which the boss’s ears burn daily, like Moscow left by Napoleon — business owners, government agencies, partners, or investors. In general, the life of a young manager is not easy and comparable to the work of an administrator working in a circus with three arenas.

What to do? How to survive between conventional hammers and a hard place? Let’s quickly identify the errors that await every young leader.

Error number 1. It’s easier for me to do it myself than to explain to people how it works.

Many novice executives, especially industry experts, seek to resolve all issues themselves. They rush like Alexander Matrosov into the embrasure. As a result, they exhaust their nervous system and accustom subordinates to nothing-without-doing and irresponsibility.

The way out is to stop. Exhale. Correctly formulate the problem. And then observe from Olympus and control its execution. In this case, the “expert” knows exactly what result he needs, so the delegated task will be solved perfectly.

Mistake # 2. I do not go into details, the result is important to me. The main mistake of the manager

Many professionals, especially those with MBA degrees, do not like to delve into the intricacies of the task, but only organize and shape the strategy. At this time, subordinates, being in a different plane, more mundane, begin to act at their own peril and risk. As a result, unresolved issues arise, burning dates, rumors and other synonyms of hell on earth.

Exit? To penetrate. Spend time and figure it out. You remember that the devil is in the details

Mistake # 3. Control over everything

We do not deny the importance of control. He is necessary. But no need to overdo it. Creative people, the All-Seeing Eye, can deprive the desire to work in general. For example, a designer may lose the ability to think and create if “strangled” by his daily reports.

In addition, with constant monitoring, a person’s sense of responsibility is dulled. Yes, for some time he will do his job, but he will not make decisions more difficult than the choice “with or without sugar”. Over time, it will be up to you to decide – any, from global to the most trifling. By the way, it is the little things that shake the nervous system of the leader most of all. Remember the old parable about a feather that can finish off a camel?

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Mistake number 4. Blind faith in employees

The flip side of the coin is excessive trust. Rarely enough, after reading “50 Lessons on Napkins” and other books on delegation of authority, a young boss reduces control over his subordinates. He believes that if he has a team of professionals, then they definitely do not need custody in most issues. But we don’t know what each person drives, what his home situation is and what cockroaches live in his head.

Short conclusion:

the thinking leader must seek and then maintain a balance between dictatorship and democracy. And constantly awaken in employees a desire to create, create, think, and show an initiative that is useful for the company.

Error No. 5. Excessive positivism, excess gingerbread

Many novice leaders constantly praise and encourage people in their temporary power. On the one hand, constant praises create a sense of uplift, personal growth in the team. But part of the people subordinate to you will quickly understand that whatever the result, the “whip” will not touch them. Therefore, they stop working at all.

And then you wonder how long your accountant has become so savvy on TV shows.

Mistake number 6. Criticism or whip as technology

Constant discontent and criticism morally “kills” people. As a result, they humble themselves, and only then eke out a miserable existence in the workplace. But this is already a slave, not a successful manager or creative designer. Mentally, they are already equipping a workplace in another company.

Error No. 7. I am the boss, you are a fool

A very interesting argument is when the boss builds relations in a team, using his own power and temporary position. Firstly, the situation can always change. Secondly, in modern conditions such an argument only works in very limited areas. For example, in the army.

Mistake number 8. Shirt guy

From the first day of work, it is necessary to build the correct model of relations “leader – subordinate.” Familiarity, the remnants of friendship, family ties can gradually penetrate into the field of work tasks – in this case, direct instructions will be regarded as not binding. Such a relationship will become a bad “inheritance” if the newly-made boss was previously a member of the same team.

Past informal relationships need to be nullified, as a tattoo that has lost its relevance – it will be painful, hard, but you hold on.

Error No. 9. Retention Attempt

We are not talking about the loss of slobs, lazy people, talk-and-smoke lovers, but about really valuable team members.

It makes no sense to stick them with tape to a chair and block the way to the exit with the words “You will not pass” – you can’t hold anything but a better offer than they received “on the side”.

And if the decision in favor of another company is made, then part with your friends – over time, these people will be able to return to you as partners, experts. In addition, the glory of a man who has fostered a couple of geniuses will bring you new talents.

Error No. 10. Rescue of the drowning

Another common manager problem is Mother Teresa’s syndrome. Understand once and for all that, as a boss, you have the right to fire people who can’t do their job. And attract those who bring commercial benefits. Take away humanism, do not spare the sick, afflicted, irresponsible, disguised lazy people.

The reason is simple: at some point, excess ballast can drag even the most technologically advanced airliner to the bottom. Then you will already be the person who will be asked to release the captain’s bridge.



So it’s time to fix the cap, hold the helm in your hands and, bypassing reefs and shallows, balance between stiffness and softness, carrot and stick, “good” and “evil”. And greedily absorb knowledge that will help you build relationships with the team correctly.


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