8 Stuntman Functions in Film

In some events of the opening ceremony of large-scale sports parties such as the Asian Games or the Olympics, a head of state is portrayed entering the opening ceremony in a unique way. Some were picked up by a secret agent, boarded a helicopter, then jumped into the arena using a parachute.

Some are in the middle of traveling stuck in traffic and then ride a motorcycle, doing various freestyle actions to get to the stadium as soon as possible. Everything is certainly packaged in such a way as part of the opening ceremony itself to be more interesting and entertaining. The question is, is the head of state himself doing the dangerous scenes?

Certainly not. The reason is, in any country, the security forces of the head of state will certainly never give permission for a head of state to do these dangerous scenes because they are too risky. This is clearly closely related to the security procedures for a head of state.

Another reason, dangerous scenes can not be done by just anyone, only people who are trained and have special skills that can do it. Because of this, some dangerous scenes were carried out by a stunt double or And this is a very natural thing in the world of entertainment.

Definition of Stuntman

The above review is an example of the importance of a stunt double or in the world of entertainment and sports. A substitute actor or himself is interpreted as a trained professional and plays a role in replacing the main actor doing a particular scene in a film or other acting.

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Acting as a substitute or   first used in the circus and began to be applied in the film industry in the early 1900s. There are many examples of scenes played by substitute actors or in films. We can see Hollywood films like Deadpool 2 or The Walking Dead who use stuntman or  stuntman for dangerous scenes.

But the unlucky, substitute actor or in the two films actually died on the set. Even so, the need for a substitute actor or in film or other acting is very necessary. In addition to replacing the main character, the presence of a substitute actor or in a film that shows a certain skill or skill can also make the film’s storyline more realistic and livelier.

Thus, the stuntman function in the film is as follows.

  1. Replace the main character

The function of the stuntman in the film or the cast in general is to replace the main cast doing a particular scene in a film. Scenes that are often performed by a stuntman or a stuntman include martial arts, car action, crash action, motorbike action, fire-related action, horse action, action related actions ropes, and special scenes that use fire as a special effect.

  1. Keep the main character safe

The function of the stuntman in the next film is to keep the main character safe. In a sense, the stuntman or successor who performs a variety of dangerous scenes that should be done by the main character. This is because the stuntman or the substitute actor has the special skills or expertise needed compared to the main actor and better understands how to minimize the risks that might occur so that the safety of the lead actor or the stuntman or stuntman is maintained.

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  1. Accompany the main character

Sometimes, in the film production process where the main character has to do a dangerous scene, the main character just doesn’t want to use a stuntman or a stuntman . Even so, the existence of a stuntman or substitute actor during the film making process is still needed to accompany the main actor by providing input when doing dangerous scenes. This is intended to keep the main character safe and reduce the risks that may arise.

  1. Do a dangerous scene

The presence of a stuntman or a substitute in the film making process is to replace the main actor doing dangerous scenes such as jumping from one stone to another or falling from a height like we saw in the Indiana Jones film. The main character, Harisson Ford, does have the ability to do so, but to avoid breaking a leg or other things that could threaten the safety and career of the main character, the director decides to use a stuntman or a stuntman .

  1. Perform a martial scene

In addition to doing dangerous scenes, stuntman or substitute actors are also often used to do martial scenes. Usually, we can see these martial scenes in Hong Kong films or other martial-themed films. Films like Project A Saw which are thick with martial arts scenes are mostly done by stuntmen or substitutes who do have the expertise or skills for that. Otherwise, the main character can get hurt.

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  1. Perform action

What is meant by action action here are actions that we usually see in films such as action action by car, accident action, action action on a motorcycle, action action related to fire, action action on horseback or action action that is related to rigging. All these action actions require special skills and skills such as drag racing or motor crossing and others. And the stuntman or substitute actor who has the experience and special skills that can do these action actions in the film.

  1. Perform scenes with special skills

Stuntman or substitute actors are also used to perform scenes with other special skills such as dancing. This is because the main character is not a professional dancer so to do a certain dance style scene requires a stuntman or a substitute actor who has dancing skills.

  1. Perform a special scene

The last stuntman or stuntman function is to perform special scenes such as scenes using fire as special effects such as fire, explosion, and so on.

Thus a brief review of the function of the stuntman in the film. Hopefully it can add to our knowledge and insight about the stuntman and its functions in the film.


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